Please stop playing Galilea

Its common knowledge at this point she’s way too OP and is getting a re-work. I ask all who read this to not play her and chose another character until she gets fixed. At this point it’s basically cheesing to pick her. I honestly don’t get why they don’t remove her from the field until her adjustments.

Ran into a Master of Gali with a Miko and had to vent!

But, really all forum readers, please stop choosing her. The less new players see of her, the better!


Okay, i don’t like it when other people play her, and i don’t play her myself, but telling people to stop using a character is just straight up selfish no matter how strong she is.


I’m not telling people anything. Just politely asking :slight_smile:


I’m getting sick and tired of this. I can understand your frustrations surrounding Galilea - I just recently heard about the apparently popular pull-and-silence technique, and I agree. It sounds absolutely horrid. But at the same time, not all of us are like that.

Me personally, I feel like I’m being backed into a corner just because I use a character that has a potentially cheap tactic, despite the fact that I have never once used her that way. Not to mention the fact that in almost every game I enter now, I’m either ganged up on as soon as I leave to engage the enemy, or people just straight up run away when they see me. It’s really starting to sicken me that 1) Galilea has such a bad reputation that the community is just feeding off of itself and nitpicking over her skills and abilities, and 2) that I have to fight just to enjoy myself in the game when I play as her now.

I’ve seen plenty of tactics used in Battleborn that make me upset, and I’ve lost plenty of times both on and off of Galilea, but I’m genuinely getting tired of all this. If the community and Gearbox want her nerfed into the ground, then whatever. If people insist upon judging other players just by their character choice, then whatever. I just want this all to end. Now.


I already stopped playing her, and I see fewer and fewer people picking her on versus.

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I can dig that. That is why I stayed away from her. Have never played her. Since the beta she’s been ridiculously broken. I, myself, don’t want to play an overpowered character. I’d rather play someone less powerful and try to do just as good, plus there’s the stigma of playing OP characters. I love the idea of her character, but hate the actual character. I’m level 85, I have dealt with my share of Gali’s using all her cheap tactics and some I’ve even stomped. But newer players will be revolted if they run into a decent Gali and probably be turned off from BB.

I think many people will always “judge the player” behind the character they chose;for good and bad. Maybe not so much in your case bc you don’t do the super cheap tricks, but if you play a character as broken as her I think you’ll always run that risk regardless of how you play her.


You know, you aren’t wrong. I understand that I’ll run the risk of being judged while I’m on her - it’s part of the reason why I’m fighting so hard to get people to understand that she isn’t always a trolling powerhouse. I do agree that she needs a bit of reworking, especially with regard to her pull-and-silence maneuver, but the propositions that I’m seeing around don’t seem to take into account that there are other ways to play her (i.e. The proposed reworks throw the helix changes all over the place and trash the other ways to fight too).

For example, I tend to use Galilea as a “stand your ground” type of character to best aid my teammates. I move around the field upgrading defenses, handling minions, helping injured teammates with their pursuing enemies, and occasionally picking fights of my own to drive people out of a position. However, the nerfs that Gearbox is implementing aren’t just targeting the problem area of “cheap” Galileas (the effect of her silence, how the pull works, etc.). They’re hitting her base stats, which hurts all of us. I have to spend a ridiculous amount of time fighting thralls in Incursion now, while other characters can handle themselves with ease (I’ve tried this myself, I know). My biggest achievement nowadays is my assist count, and if anything, I spend more time taking care of the base because everyone else is out fighting and I get steamrolled on sight by the enemy team anyways.

Overall, I fell in love with Galilea because she is a character that I can enjoy and appreciate. Who she is, in terms of her lore, is what’s always appealed to me. But now, with all this social controversy surrounding her and the impact of her nerfs (and nerfs to come), I don’t know if I can stay with her, and it kills me.

I feel torn apart as I love her and played her as soon as got her unlocked (before I knew she was OP or something, I loved her style - strong woman-knight with purple skin and DARK POWES), but now playing her feels plain cheap. BUT there is that challenge that requires me to kill 25 Ambras, and right now, while Galilea is OP, is the best time to hunt for that challenge, because once she gets nerfed, I’ll prolly won’t be able to score much kills, especially against such potent sustaining healer with a built-in fail-safe. It still feels cheap to kill all those Ambras (got 12/25 by now), but what can I do when they task me with such stupid thing and lock a Galilea-specific legendary behind it?

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Seeing as how she’s been unbalanced (not saying overpowered) throughout the beta and now on live even with hotfixs she has a reputation. Just like that girl we all knew in high school, everyone judges you for what you are able to do/done. If you wanna pick her, pick her just don’t complain when you get s**t for picking that “douche” character.

How about this. The devs just delete her? Because all this complaining is going to nerf her to a point where no one picks her anymore. Then people will cry about how she is unplayable, and needs a buff. She is a melee tank, don’t go near her. her ranged only works with full health, get a shield penetrator on team. In the end we must remember, this is a team multiplayer, not a 1v1 duel.
You can’t have your cake and eat it too

I actually like how I haven’t seen on in quite awhile already. As if everyone no longer wanted to be labeled as a try-hard while wearing the “Badge of Shame” you earn from winning with her.

Getting Marquis in every game instead though. Feels just as bad.

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Seeing as you have problems killing Thralls, are you using “Antihero” and “It’s dangeorus to go alone”? Something tells me that you don’t since those two helixes can boost her damage significantly.
As soon as I get “Antihero”, I can just stun a Thrall with a “Shield Throw” and smack it dead before he even recovers from the stun (all criticals since you should be aiming for their head). The amount of damage that Galilea can dish out with those two helixes are ridiculous.

No, her problem isn’t that she’s only “cheesing” with Desecrate pull and silencing them. One of her problems is her damage. She is one of the strongest heroes in PVE due to her damage output, she is one of the best bursters in PVP due to her damage while also having a good kit of crown control abilities and can take a beating.

I main Mellka (lvl 15) but have since been running Galilea whenever possible because of all of this crying. It’s ridiculous. Play who you want, how you want. The Wraith of Bliss cares not for your paltry forum whining.

The pull and silence is fine. I counter it when I’m against Galilea…there’s soooo many friggin counters that I really think all of the haters would be better off asking for help with matchup knowledge instead of screaming for nerfs. All a good Galilea does is expose bad team work.


i like Galilea’s playstyle a lot, but tbh I never use her b/c it feels cheap. Same w/ ISIC in PvE.

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If you think ISIC is cheap in PvE, you should try Ghalt.


I do use “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone”, since it helps me attack heavier targets like the sentry from a safer distance, but I don’t use “Antihero”. Also, I don’t always have time to run home and nurse my wounds because I’m either tied up with trying to drive someone away or handling an issue that the team seems to have overlooked (i.e. Someone camped out somewhere or enemy thralls shredding our minions/sentry).

I won’t say that I don’t understand the damage complaint, but there are plenty of other ways to deal with that issue without going straight for her sword. Want to nerf “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone”? Fine, sounds good. “Antihero”? Same story, I have no objections. “Shield Toss”? I didn’t throw it to deal damage in the first place. Heck, I wouldn’t even mind if they nerfed her corruption. But taking down the one thing that acts as her base damage dealer (her sword) in all situations is what killed me. I’m being forced to rely on things that can be easily taken away from me.

As for her ability to take a beating, that seems alright with me. She’s territorial, doesn’t that make sense? And while yes, I realize that there are other characters that are classified as territorial and not quite as durable, they each have their own unique “screw you I’m staying put” methods (Kleese and his energy rifts and black hole, Marquis and his time distortion and owls, and Toby with his shield and arc mines). Also, these territorial characters (with the exception of Marquis, I believe) have some kind of built-in regeneration - Kleese is a rapid shielding master and Toby’s shield can heal those behind it. Not to mention that these guys are ranged, so they probably aren’t in the middle of the heated battlefield to begin with.

In the end, I feel like Galilea’s method is more attack based than defensive since she’s a melee character, and she’s taking heat for it. I mean, am I wrong?

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just some incorrect information on here i thought i would point out. she actually isn’t a tank. i know, it feels like she is because she has more hp than montana with her shield, but believe it or not she is not a tank. she is also not an assassin. i know, it feels like she is when she out dps every character in the game, but believe it or not, she is not an assassin.

and just some additional info, she isn’t a support class, so she shouldnt even have healing abilities for allies in her helix, or the best self heal in the game outside of actual supports, but again, she is not a support.

and those things are just the tip of the iceberg. i havent even really gotten into her mutations. so pressing literally one button can silence, slow, amplify dmg, pull, do auto dmg, and then lead to the best stun in the game???

you say it isn’t a 1v1 duel, and you’re right. but it definitely isnt supposed to be a 1v3 duel either, and that is essentially what it takes against a competent galilea. there are characters that are designed to be able to 1v1 any character, and she is not one of them. however, she can easily 1v2 all day long.

don’t go near her? why should an assassin character run away from any 1v1 fight? that makes no sense. even montana gets destroyed if you catch him slipping out of position by himself and there is a competent rath or phoebe. why is that not the same for galilea?

the facts that you are misunderstood are that there are roles in this game. galilea has a role and a description. currently her stats overlap into every category in the game. she does everything in the game better than everyone else in the game, other than snipe and heal.


at some point, gali players, you have to learn to play the game without training wheels on. it is your choice when. you can do it now, or you can do it when she gets nerfed. there is absolutely, positively no way that you are doing yourself a service by continuing to play her as she is. how much better at basketball do you think you would get if your hoop was 6 ft tall and 3x the size, while your opponents was 10ft high and standard circumference? probably would get worse at actual basketball for every second you played that way, right?

you can’t improve while playing gali. you cant even accurately assess your current skill level, because everyone you face is playing you under a severe handicap. so some advice from a very well above average player: get better at the game first. then you can play whatever broken mess you want to play.


My main complaints about Galilea is mainly damage output. “Antihero” and “It’s dangeorus to go alone” compliments each other very well.

I agree with you about nerfing her Greatsword damage. That has never really been a problem. I would have prefered if the developers if the developers toned down the attack speed from “Antihero”, a good 15-20% would be a good start. “It’s dangeorus to go alone” could also be toned down to +35-40 damage instead of +65.
I also believe that a single character should not have both a slow, a silence, a pull, a damage over time ability in one single attack. Either of them needs to go or the helix rearranged so you have a choice to take either but not both (silence or slow).

And the nerf to her Shield Throw was unnecessary, it’s used for stunning opponents, not killing them. A damage nerf won’t really adress anything.

We’ll have to see what the developers have in mind. They will remove attacking while sprinting ability which is a good change and also enabling Desecrate to only apply it’s CC effect upon activation. We’ll have to see what state Galilea is in after above mentioned changes.

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They need to balance more than her, characters that are meant to be tanks like montana and kelvin shouldnt do as much damage as they do especially galiea with that shield, it takes 3 people to take her out and she has too good damage. Tanks are meant to draw enemies away from team mates not do that and manage to kill attackers as easy as they do. Yeah they are slow to move most of them but it doesn’t help when they have miko.