Please Stop Playing Marquis In Story Mode


Sincerely, everyone who has to work overtime to carry you.

Marqis is not the problem


Marquis isn’t bad in PvE. People need to learn to aim for crits, that’s the problem …

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Marquis slaughters in PvE. Timekiller + Windfall is pure AoE death for enemies, and crits are relatively easy to hit.


Marquis is my go to guy for PvE, definitely one of the strongest!


Marquis is a pve beast lol


Marquis was my go-to “I just want to clear the mission and not think about what I’m doing” character for PvE so… I’m gonna have to echo with the others and say it’s probably not the pick, but the player.

He’s also been the least affected in PvE by nerfs, so his power has been relatively stable for a while.


I´m playing PvE mostly and I can understand the OP´s sentiment.
Many beginners seem to play Marquis as “The Sniper” - but they play this role exclusively , instead of using his whole potential - They often completely ignore that Marquis has further skills beyond his scoped rifle.
I actually saw many many Marquis who don´t use their skills once… But: Marquis is not the issue. In my opinion it´s a player-issue, that evolves from the often wrongly perceived “Sniper”-label.

Yes, he can sniper. But he should not only snipe enemies, but further use his owls & temporal fields properly.

I mained him a long time in PVE and he´s one of the most badass killers when aim & skilluse come together.


I believe crit damage is much higher in pve too. A good Marquis should theoretically clean house.


Crit damage is higher against non-bb, not just in PvE. It’s 1.5x on bb, 3x on other enemies.

But yeah, to add my voice, Marquis is one of the strongest PvE picks for just about every mission. He falls off algorithm and experiment because it’s harder to crit bots, but I still have memories of carrying scrubs in public PvE queue through advanced Heliophage dealing 700k+ damage with him.


I managed to 8 shot Isic once :joy: Don’t remember if it was Normal or Advanced, but I think he’s fine on Algorithm (which I assume a lot of new players will be on) :slight_smile:


That’s the problem: a “good Marquis.” 90% of people who play him – maybe more – are terrible with him. I am included in this group, so I play characters I am good with :slight_smile:

Call me crazy, but I don’t want to basically solo the Heliophage with an extra body who isn’t contributing anything at all.

I guess I should also mention I play on console, where it is not as easy to aim. I have the same reaction to seeing Marquis as I do to seeing Widowmaker on Overwatch.


There are a certain few non battleborn that share the 1.5 crit multiplier as well. Aria and Bagrath if I recall correctly have a 1.5 multiplier. Not sure about others.

I know aria has this, not sure about Bagranth.

700k+ Damage

That’s insane and I don’t believe you, sir.


Widowmaker wish she was marquis.

Are u in ps4?



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Every single ranged character is very good in PvE, especially Marquis.

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