Please Stop Playing Marquis In Story Mode

Marquis is a monster in PVE. Go for those crits dude!

He is my first pick for Heliophage runs.

The best I did on Heliophage was 560K as Phoebe.

The other DPS was Attikus that did 565K.

Seriously speaking, those other guys on the team were really lacking in damage, thus 700k is possible on one character. It’s nearly impossible for such a drastic discrepancy if all players involved are near equal in skill.

Ultimately, Marquis is not the problem. Clearly the newer players will need some time to be familiar with the character.

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All ranged? I don’t think so. But they clearly don’t have any of the problems melee face, given PvE content so far is openly hostile to melee.

Ranged attackers certainly have an advantage though.

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Melee can be fine, but you REALLY have to gear/spec for it and the early levels are hell :stuck_out_tongue:

More like Hanzo. Everybody hates Hanzo. Hanzo hates Hanzo, lol.

I hate Widowmaker more than Hanzo. Hanzo is useful sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

Update: The mech suit from Toby’s Friendship Raid also has a 1.5 five crit multiplier.

On an unrelated note: Whiskey using Symbiotic and Gun Grease while standing in an Ernest egg melts the TFR boss very quickly.

Did I stumble into an Overwatch Facebook group by accident? I getting the worse case of deja mustard right now…