Please stop the bouncing!

I know this title is a bit vague but a concise title was a bit tricky.

I am finding far too often that I get knocked up in the air and then never get the chance to hit the ground again. In Borderlands when you jumped on another player, npc or vehicle you would bounce over some kind of invisible boundary and eventually find your feet again. It was an odd quirk that rarely caused any harm. However in Battleborn it’s quite easy for another player or some minions to move underneath you which makes it feel like you’re being beaten to death while on a trampoline.

I am aware that some characters have a knock-up ability, but not being able to hit the ground and begin sprinting or other evasive action is pretty frustrating. It would be nice if the player was able to land with a little more urgency. Perhaps increasing the lateral speed on the bounce or push some smaller minions aside temporarily?

I think Rath and Deande have a few methods to juggle players but I think it’s happening on it’s own after the initial knock-up. I’m just wondering if this is happening with other people that often?

I know the developers are really busy at the moment, but this is something it would be nice to see improved sometime later down the line.


I’ve noticed this any time I land on top of a creature or player. I just sort of get bounced in the air repeatedly until I finally land away from them. The main problem is during this time, a lot of skills/attacks are locked since some can’t be used mid-air, and you have little control of which direction you’re moving. That, and you end up moving rather slowly in this state, so it’s an extended CC for no real reason.

Try landing on top of a sentry. Getting back to the ground takes forever because they’re so big.

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Yup. It worked fine for Borderlands but it can be a death sentence in Battleborn.

Yes so much. I’ve noticed players intentionally exploiting it by rushing to get under you so you can’t get down and escape or fight back

Well it was my technic as a montana during the CTT before I discovered that throwing a player in a wall stun them.
Dash > knockup > juggle with the enemy while shooting like a maniac.
But yeah I admit it’s pretty f*cked up.

Oh god please get rid of the bouncing. It is an absolute nightmare!

In story mode on the last mission there are so many Thralls that if you get knocked into the air it’s like crowd surfing.

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I’m guilty of this. I do it as much as I can… Especially now that I often play with a Alani, which gives me full opportunity to rush under the bubble-d foe and juggle them Mortal Kombat style.

Agreed it’s super frustrating, though, but not as much, for me, as being blocked against a wall while getting wrecked hard :confused:

What you describe is what makes Rath literally ‘Overpowered’. Similar with Alani and her bubble.

Catalytic Smash -> Ult -> JuggleJuggleJuggleJuggleDead.

When a Rath actives his Ult with you on the ground, You can Quick Melee and sprint away, But with the juggle effect he can knock you up and then slide under you with his Ult spinning away and you cannot get away without some form of movement ability, if they even work while you’re being juggled.

I don’t mean to say that Rath himself is overpowered (I do think his Ult needs an adjustment though), Its just an unfortunate and unintended side effect of the body blocking design decision.

What I’d like to see is perhaps a falling player will push away players that they land on. Not super far, Just a few inches, enough so that the airborne player shunts everything away upon landing to create room for itself.
That’d feed into some tactical plays whereby a friendly Defender can literally jump between a Melee attacking a friendly player and disrupt the attack.

And personally I’d like to see a momentary stop/slow to movement when landing after a jump, with characters like Caldy and Benedict keeping the current way.
As it stands, The best way to reduce damage taken is to never stop jumping, The smaller the character, the more effective that is … And I don’t think thats what the devs intended for jumping to be used for.

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