Please stop with the self-fulfilling prophecy

Probably 400-500h.


:frowning: my soul hurts now


Just checked my times for the fun of it. Steam shows 452 hours, and my stats page 275. Would have expected a little more here to be honest, since I’ve mostly played PvE and Bots or private games and only a few public matches (or none if I had to wait for more than 20 minutes) …

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Another thread that states someone doesn’t want to hear our whining.

I grew up on reservations in the U.S. and Canada.

Each Wednesday morning we sat together and mostly whined, but it was team building, brain storming.

I don’t for a second think any of us wish this game bad feelings, we are simply hurt and whining.


No, I’m just a cute, adorable and naive person who knows nothing, like John Snow.

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It’s a legal issue that 2k has most control over. Jythri said it on reddit.

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They do have a marketing team, but their marketing team doesn’t own the publishing rights to BB. I don’t entirely know the dynamics between a dev and a publisher but I don’t think Gearbox can market a game 2K technically owns under their marketing team, unless maybe they buy the publishing rights from 2K or something…?

Randy V actually mentioned this subject on the steam forums

You can see for yourself if you want, but here’s the quote:
"For the name of the “Free Trial” - yeah, I agree with you. Gearbox development definitely wanted it to be called something less confusing. To a degree, there’s always a bureaucracy you have to work through with “how things have been done before”. We’re not quite a pure F2P game (you have to upgrade to get Story missions), but in most other aspects, we’re now F2P. We’d actually prefer to be categorized there (and are still pushing to make that happen on all platforms), but it comes with the caveat that some people will then call us “liars” becuse not all of our game is purely F2P. "

1.Old Meltdowm was better
2.Why did they nerf Alani again ?
3.why is boldur still too good ?
4.NOBODY likes the stun CC meta game. (Which still dominates)
5.Reyna’s passive is mah
6.Pendles secondary attack (shuriken) sucks
7.Why are Kelvin and boldur considered “defenders” yet they’re known as the best pushers/attackers ?
Here’ my prophecy :wink:

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The truth of the matter is that this game will eventually die, like all online reliant games, but a matter of how soon.

PC side of things, well, I think it happened a long time ago, however there were still enough people to kinda keep the game on life support. It’s not fully dead, yet no one can say it’s healthy.

My issue is always that the decisions that come from upper management often tends to accelerate the death rather than stopping the bleeding. If you know me on this forum, you would have some idea of what I’m talking about.

I often see the competition playing a game of Civ 5 building tall, yet Battleborn decided to go wide. In theory, going wide can be very powerful, yet there are a lot of holes that need to be plugged ahead of time in order for your empire to not fall apart. Kinda like it needs a lot more gears to keep it running, yet when it runs well it runs really well. Most people on this forum will admit that the PvE side, while fun, is lackluster compared to other games.

The PvP side of things… well, there are recent discussions that the colours and other visuals of the game make it very difficult for some players to see or react. I personally don’t suffer from motion sickness, colour blindness, or whatnot, but for some people this is enough to make or break. I’m only scratching the surface, of course, there are a lot more going on.

I’m glad to see that you really like Battleborn, but I simply can’t see the game going on for much longer on PC. Competition on PC is extremely fierce, and other games are always hungry and desperate for my attention and money by offering me massive discounts that Battleborn does not. I’m not just talking about Steam Summer Sale either, but just look at E3 2017 and you tell me how many games came on sale just to celebrate E3? All the while Battleborn is planning to release their free trial model… and everything in game became more expensive… whereas every other game is asking me to pay less.

Battleborn is not hungry for my time; Battleborn isn’t hungry for my money; hell, Battleborn isn’t hungry for my praise.

I could really go on, but Battleborn had the first year to carve something for itself but failed at every critical milestone that they had control of. PC gamers are moving on, myself included, because I’m really tired of seeing the potential never coming to fruition. If there is going to be another Battleborn, I pray GBX will look really, really hard at what happened throughout 2016 and 2017 and never repeat it again.


Except for Toby, right? Do HIM again, with a better mech, and even more self-loathing!


Or more NegaToby.


I’ll just leave this here:

Resulting in 900h Lobbyborn, my favourite game!


To the OP, I just have a quick message - you have a very good point. Unfortunately, you haven’t presented it very well, so it comes out less of a suggestion and more like whining and complaining. I advise you to try to reword your arguement, so as to avoid angry responses.


Ok, here’s what happened, as if fate was trying to stop my enthusiasm for this game: I checked, and I lost 20 consecutive matches. TWENTY CONSECUTIVE MATCHES. I even took screenshots because I thought that was crazy.

You know why it happened? Most of my games, we’re 4v5, and I’m on the side with only 4 players. One game was particularly rich as 2 teammates disconnected as soon as the match started, and the other 2 refused to surrender.

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Is that all? Jeesh, some people…

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Disagree, her passive can save her life so many times, which in turn, lets her save other lives

This one also boggles my mind, like how has Gearbox not addressed this yet?

Well, they aren’t, but they are S-tier. Boldur is S-tier because he is insanely hard to kill and puts out too much burst damage. Kelvin is S-tier (IMO) because of the freakish amount of health and CC he has. But they aren’t known for being awesome pushers/attackers. They are better at protecting their teammates, in design/on paper and in practice.


About reyna I forgot that was her passive (its really good)
I meant about her secodary’s “passive” ability (you could say)
When she gives an overshield to her ally , she can recharge his shield ONLY when the overshield is on him .
If its gone , you can’t chrage its shield.
So plasma shots are kind of “meh” for the most of the match (unless you pick homing plasma shots to troll XD)

Oh, ok. Well, I forgot it even existed, so I can’t actually judge its effectiveness. But in theory, you’re kinda right, it doesn’t seem that helpful. I suppose you would have to take the level one shield heal to make it actually useful in all scenarios (except with most Eldrid)?

Homing plasma shots are good though. There are already enough slows in the game, homing shots let you actually kill stuff around corners.

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They’re not known as “awesome” pushers but they make the best pushs far better than Caldy and Oscar Mike(which ironicly , O.M. is considered as a Attacker and pusher type in the game -_-).

We ,the community , discover these charactets’ true roles to see if they’re truly seem what they’re suppose to be or not

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