Please stop with the self-fulfilling prophecy

Is that all? Jeesh, some people…

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Disagree, her passive can save her life so many times, which in turn, lets her save other lives

This one also boggles my mind, like how has Gearbox not addressed this yet?

Well, they aren’t, but they are S-tier. Boldur is S-tier because he is insanely hard to kill and puts out too much burst damage. Kelvin is S-tier (IMO) because of the freakish amount of health and CC he has. But they aren’t known for being awesome pushers/attackers. They are better at protecting their teammates, in design/on paper and in practice.


About reyna I forgot that was her passive (its really good)
I meant about her secodary’s “passive” ability (you could say)
When she gives an overshield to her ally , she can recharge his shield ONLY when the overshield is on him .
If its gone , you can’t chrage its shield.
So plasma shots are kind of “meh” for the most of the match (unless you pick homing plasma shots to troll XD)

Oh, ok. Well, I forgot it even existed, so I can’t actually judge its effectiveness. But in theory, you’re kinda right, it doesn’t seem that helpful. I suppose you would have to take the level one shield heal to make it actually useful in all scenarios (except with most Eldrid)?

Homing plasma shots are good though. There are already enough slows in the game, homing shots let you actually kill stuff around corners.

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They’re not known as “awesome” pushers but they make the best pushs far better than Caldy and Oscar Mike(which ironicly , O.M. is considered as a Attacker and pusher type in the game -_-).

We ,the community , discover these charactets’ true roles to see if they’re truly seem what they’re suppose to be or not

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About plasma shots …One problem is that they have low DMG

You know SO MUCH nothing, in fact, that you don’t even know it’s JON Snow!

Tee hee hee…just giving you a hard time, of course!



Someone said on here some time ago that tanks are just beefy Assassins and I’d have to agree.

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Beefy Assassins XD
That describes pretty much Boldur and Kelvin

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This is the potential of plasma pulse and overshield.


Giving the fact that you’re the only healer , its no surprise.
if MISS_SHARINGAN was the only healer on their team , you bet he would do A LOT more heals than you ever wish as Reyna.



The MISS didn’t clue you in that he was a she?

And she is, I know her personally.

Not to mention one of the best and nicest players on PS4!

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lol , I know a player named bakaSanpai in PS4.
me and my friends never knew if he was a she or a he XD.
so same thing goes for Ms or Mr sharingan player.
I assume their “gender”. Triggered ?
:wink: JK <3


As far as I know, bakasenpai is a “she” also!


Can I add you on PSN?

Always looking for fellow PS4 players!

I won’t be in the PSN for a while. but I’ll come back if I hear Boldur and Kelvin are nerfed for good.

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Hey, folks.

Talk about the game?