Please tell me armor is broken?

after M4 release i didn’t play anything else :smiley:

but then i came across more and more armored enemies… wich where tougher then any boss i played (even in M4)

i can melt gigamind, but killing a trash mob with armor takes me 5 minuits (at least) :sweat_smile:

at first i thought this was the maliwan raid only… but every single armored enemy i encounter takes allmost no damage (compared to all other damage types) shields melt, flesh melts, but armor doesn’t budge…

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Armor has the most resistances I think. Nothing is neutral against it, even kinetic damage. Cryo and especially Corrosive are your best bets. It’s more necessary than any other health bar color to switch to those elements IMO.

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i know but cryo and even corosive don’t seem to dent it…

if i use shock on a shield or fire on flesh… it just melts… with armor i feel i’m tickeling enemies to death… and it just sucks all ammo i trow at it :frowning:

that’s why i’m asking if it’s intended as such (compare to all the other things this just feels broken)


Which enemies, specifically, are giving you the most trouble? Is it the Maliwan Heavy Armor guys? If so, you need to target the glowing Critical Hit Point(s) on their backpack. And if it’s one that has the Corrosive Weapons, they’re immune to Corrosive damage, so then you need to switch over to Cryo or Radiation. That’s how I take them down.

honestly as a gimic, they should make it so armor can take high damage if fire then ice element is used on them back to back. or at least be weaker. but yeah Armor is a pain in the butt.

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In the words of the late Handsome Jack,… “CORROSION”!!!

But yes cryo works 2nd best if you don’t have one with you.

Just carry the elements with you.

again… no matter WHAT i throw at them… it feels like i’m tickeling them to death… very slowly…

this topic isn’t that long and i allready repeated myself twice…

What system/ character?

I feel like I melt through armor as quick as shields.

PC, don’t think this matters much though…

did you check your modifiers? i’ve had issues with that before.

There’s one more…Electricty, Fire…yeah…Corrosion…

damn it it’ll come back to me…

:heart:Jack for being such a likeable D!ck

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They specifically said ‘ARMORED’. Maliwan Heavies don’t have armor. Armor is the yellowish/greenish bar. Unless you meant NOG’s. In which case you are right the crit is on the back but I do agree specifically ‘armor’ enemies feel a bit over-tuned compared to everything else even compared to anointed.


The name that I remember seeing on screen for them above their health bar(s) is often “Heavy Armor”, at least on PC, unless my brain is just farting like crazy right now. :man_shrugging:

Anyway, my biggest problem with armored enemies right now is that my favorite weapon to use against them, the Tediore Poison Fastblast+ Shotgun that I got from the VIP site, is too low in damage now that my Zane is Level 21. It’s only a Level 10 or 12 weapon, so its damage numbers are low, BUT it’s one of the Tediore guns that sprouts legs when thrown to chase after the enemy, taunt them, and shoot them in the face! So, it gives me MORE DRONES on the battlefield to overwhelm those tough armored enemies! :sunglasses::+1:

What map zone are you talking about? That would help figure out what you mean.

EVERYWHERE! Those Maliwan Heavies are EVERYWHERE that Maliwan forces are. Like the last 2 nights, I was running through Skywell-27. But before that, I was running the quests on Promethea and Athenas, and those jerks are EVERYWHERE! Everywhere you go that Maliwan and Atlas are battling each other, the areas are LOUSY with those Maliwan Heavies, and it’s never just one, there’s always 2 or 3 of 'em hitting the battlefield simultaneously. It’s like I’m back playing the HALO Trilogy, where you have those giant armored dudes with Fuel Rod Launchers that always operate in pairs! :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

maliwan heavies don’t usually have an ARMOR health bar. That is the yellow health bar. They are just bigger dudes. OP is specifically talking about enemies with yellow health bars.

Are you talking about the big fat guys with orbs on their backs? Sounds like you are and yeah not what OP is talking about. We talking about yellow bars, not big fat easy to kill guys <3

So far, when I see enemies with a Yellow Health Bar, I just hit 'em with whatever Corrosive weapon(s) I’m carrying, maybe throw in some Radiation to make them take extra damage, and they get dropped like a bad habit! :man_shrugging:

FYI, Radiation is penalized against armor.


It still seems to make them take persistent/recurring damage, and it still makes them undergo the explosive nuclear meltdown. And with certain weapons, it also spreads to other enemies near them from the splash effect. :sunglasses: