Please tell me borderlands 3 villian will not be a jack wannabe or jack again


I dont like the idea of of someeone trying to be jack or that jack is somehow alive in data form its time for something grander than some company running amok on pandora

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no, jacks mind took over/is living in rhys’ head. basically, a canon respawn.


Well there goes my interest in borderlands 3

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Dude the things not even over yet… Let’s not make sweeping statements about the next plot without actually finishing the current one.

For all we know the Jack stuff could all crumble down by the end of the next episode, or it could be just a means to have Hyperion as a intimidating force in a much larger manufacturer war or w/e.

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I’m thinking its a way to get hyperion to team up with the vault hunters in the war, through the rhys/fiona connection. and having jack in rhys head will make for some fantastic internal conflicts between the VH, while their also trying to fight an unknown enemy.


I hope not. I love Jack (and digiJack) as a character(s), enough to tear up at at several key moments in both BL:PS and TotB.
But his story is done. It felt wasted in BL2, but then we got to learn so much more about in BL:PS. That made his ending feel a little impersonal, but then we got to see ‘him’, more-or-less, more personally in TotB.

DigiJack is pretty accurate a representation (though he still thinks Angel is alive) - so his ending gave some great narrative closure to gristleJack as well.

I love Jack, and thing Dameon Clarke did an AMAZING job. Extra kudos for the more natural diction, making him sound like an actual person!
…but Jack has been aaaall wrapped up, as much as any character could be. The only thing we DON’T know is really more about Angel - as said in BL2, “you didn’t see what she did to her mother”. And as Jack is gone, and Angel is gone, and we don’t know the mother herself, this has no relevance to us whatsoever.

I’m more intrigued by Mascot at this point, and the conflict coming.
…and more worried about BL3 secretly being an MMO. “Need aaall the Vault Hunters you can get”, the antagonist across all four games wrapped up (with no implied replacement!), key contributing staff leaving, Gearbox vacuuming up as many developers as they can for it… it’s looking ominous to me.

EDIT: Damn. Just realised this was an accidental necro, basically. Can’t trust auto-scroll, everything looks like the front page!

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I’m so used to unending TV series with this sort of problem. I’m sure they’ll come up with something if it isn’t HoloJack running amuck. But I’m not convinced that next game will be a human threat. BL2 and TPS seem to imply that there are a lot of vaults and somebody better go lock them all down tight. Seems more like the threat is alien. More like BL1. Going to these vaults because somebody better do it.

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necro is at least 3 months. and i still cant play the last episode of tftb so i cant comment on that.

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Spoilers for Tales Ep 5:

JackAi’s story is “pretty much” over from the looks of it. We do learn that Angel for sure killed her mom and there was a second wife after that (JackAi learns of everything Angel related at some point). Rhys goes full good guy regardless of your choices and is now in charge of Atlas, Hyperion is pretty much dead now, so there’s no reason to fear another Jack centered plot for BL3

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After Borderlands 2 there was little chance of a Jack-centric Borderlands 3 with or without Tales. Even I wouldn’t want to kill Jack yet again. This doesn’t mean I don’t want to know more of his pre-vault story or his history with Angel, something Tales could have gone into but didn’t.


Yeah, my second playthrough I took a different line at his death about his daughter’s ‘betrayal’ and he straight up answered the only one question I had left. “What did Angel do to her mother?” Oh. Killed her. Okay then. (That same line also showed that he did later learn about how death while within Helios, too. That’d be the line mentioning the second wife.)

Complete closure.