Please, tell me I can change the game's language

I bought the game on Epic and the game is running in my native language (portuguese) and it looks weird. I want to play the game with english subtitles, but I can’t find any options to change the language of the game.

Please, can somebody help me??

You have to go in the game options in epic launcher and add the following parameters to start the game (sorry, some german text in there):

Englisch: -culture=en
Französisch: -culture=fr
Italienisch: -culture=it
Deutsch: -culture=de
Spanisch: -culture=es
Russisch (nur Text): -culture=ru
Japanisch: -culture=ja
Brazilianisches Portugiesisch (nur Text): -culture=pt-BR
Koreanisch: -culture=ko
Vereinfachtes Chinesisch: -culture=zh-Hans-CN
Traditionelles Chinesisch: -culture=zh-Hant-TW