Please tell me Im not the first to notice this

Ok. So I spent the majority of my evening freaking out because of how EOS is suck an a**hole and is impossible to beat. But after like the 15th attempt I finally killed him. He drops me a nukem… Little did he know that was his worst mistake XD.

I was using the flakker on my claptrap and for some reason it clicked in my head. Gunzerker really broke the flakker in bl2. Maybe claptrap could do the same… Shoot the flanker then immediately switch to the nukem. I dare you. I did soooo much damage to EOS. I skipped on of his recharge periods XD. ITS SO OP!!! FARMING TROUBLES OVER! I can’t believe how stupid I was :frowning:

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You’re not, it’s a glitch, oh well

Oh god I feel like such a claptrap right now…
I was just so excited about not having to worry about EOS’s troubles and never heard of anyone e else doing this XD. My bad :/.