Please tell me more players are having this issue

Okay guys I am not one to complain but what the hell is up with these Clasmod droprates?

I have been playing the new DLC on a daily basis since it was released and I have not come across a single Sapper mod. Not one I tell you. The Anarchy and Insider shotguns have been raining down on me all the time, no complaining there but those mods …

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They switched the drop values for Moze and Fl4k, basically use Fl4k if you want Moze’s Class mods

Everything feels bugged. Moze and Fl4k have switched mods. 90% of weapon drops are shotguns, Seeryul Killers and Oldridians. Other weapons and shields rarely drop. It’s odd.


Yeah now that you mention it, I have not found any new shields so far either.

Well I’ll go try to get the mod with my fl4k then -_-

Took me 2 playthroughs of the DLC, and hours of farming Xan and Tom. That’s where I got several Sappers to drop. No problem finding the other character’s mods of course.

Thanks for the tip on Xan & Tom, I have been farming those 2 for some time, but only found, you guessed it, shotguns. Gotta keep trying and be patient.