Please tell me that this is NOT the fix you're going for with the Marquis exploit

Because this doesn’t fix things at all.
He should not be able to damage the Sentry from those platforms when the Sentry isn’t already under attack, period. Nobody should. (it’s fine if he shoots it from there if minions/players are already engaging the sentry though)
If his team is pressuring foes at the opposite corner, he’s still free to plink away at the Sentry with very little in the way of repercussions. And if players try to chase him off, they’ll just get shot at immediately by his allies.

There is another problem that this would create as well: You can’t run around the corner and dislodge him (or any character causing problems from that position for that matter) without exposing yourself to the Sentry for a lengthy period of time

Why not just make it so that the Sentry cannot be damaged if it hasn’t damaged a target for a few seconds? Another game I used to play (Awesomenauts) did the exact same thing with the turrets (equivalent of Sentry) and it completely eliminated the threat that long-range pokes posed against them.


How about making a barrier that prevents bullets from hitting it until you’re close enough. Still it’s gonna make it harder to snipe sentries

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That just makes things unfair for longer ranged characters though. Because they have to put themselves in more (relative; due to their capabilities) danger when attacking the Sentry.

Most characters cant hit the sentry unless they’ve rounded the corner, gone through the tunnel, or are on the other teams stairs though. Makes it harder yeah, but otherwise you’re just allowing the snipers to hit it normally, continuing the problem

But they wouldn’t be able to damage the Sentry if it wasn’t already under attack.
If it hasn’t shot (and hit) something for a few seconds, it becomes immune to damage. Simple.
In which case it makes little difference where he’s attacking from because it’s gonna take the damage anyway.

This best fix for the Marquis exploit in my opinion is to make the sentry’s shields reflect all damage back on the attacker if it attacked from beyond the midpoint of the map.


Sentries should only take damage when attacked on their side of the map.

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I’ve run into this problem only a couple of times, but easily countered if you have some sort of AOE skill. I use blight with thorn, as long as I can get close enough. If you can take pot shots and keep him on his toes he can’t do much.

Agreed, You shouldn’t be able to safely snipe from any position on your side of the map period.

Except why does it need to reflect the damage? There’s no logical reason for it to do so other than a personal vendetta on your part.

But the Sentry can still be attacked from around the corner by anybody who can get on the wall (so Thorn, Melka, Caldarius, etc; or anybody who can get around the corner and jump onto the wall, so everybody).
The Sentry should not be able to be attacked at all from such a position if it isn’t already under fire from something it can hit.

But you can’t do that if the enemy team has you pinned behind your corner. And there’s no way to reliably take pot-shots because he only needs to expose like 5% of his hitbox.

Yea this is a terrible solution to the problem. Now players aren’t going to be able to go around to the stairs and pressure snipers off.

When I first started playing Battleborn I thought that minions have to BE ATTACKING the sentry for me or my teammates to damage it, it felt logical to me to be this way…

I keep wondering, why not make the Sentry be only damage-able while minions are attacking it or give Sentry a huge power boost/defense boost if minions are nowhere near a sentry.
(League of Legends does the defense boost when minions are not near-by)

I’ve seen a team of Benedict, Caladarius, Oscar Mike kill a sentry without their minions being anywhere close, killing from the tunnel while trading Aggro, poking the sentry all the time while not letting the shields be recharged.


I’ve said the same thing. I really think minions should be required to take down the shield.

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I like that recommendation, leaves in the option to keep a downed shield sentry “alive” from across map, but also makes you have to push to initiate.

My thought has been to just make it so that the first shot on a sentry to drop the shields HAS to come from a bot, but I like the “increase the defenses” option a bit better, I mean you could still try to force down a shield if you were desperate, it just isn’t going to work well, but would require a co-ordinated effort. Shuts down the “back door” hop-up exploiters handily as well, making their time to drop the shields longer. AAAaand it rewards playing the game properly by pushing the wave.

I love it!

This. Gearbox, do this.

I wish more players would push, but lately I’ve seen really high ranked teams just destroy the sentry instead of pushing it, or shove the wave (once or twice)- go into the tunnel and poke at the sentry till it’s down or it get’s hot in that tunnel.

It’s kind of becoming a meta now for top-ranked players.

Um, can’t you just climb the steps still? It’s even easier now because you don’t have to run around the corner and expose yourself to the enemy Sentry/turrets just to get to the stairs.

Not only that, but this solves what is imho the real issue with ranged characters on Overgrowth, head glitching! Characters tip toeing up the stairway until they can peek over and fire on the minion lane or Sentry, but opposing players can’t see them or at best can only see a tiny fraction of the top of them, rendering them invincible to most ranged attacks.

This fix was never going to eliminate Marquis sniping the Sentry because he can just run up that sloped entranced to the turret room on the side of each base and snipe it even easier from there. But it at least eliminates head glitching.

You’ve got it mixed up.
If this change goes live, you will HAVE to expose yourself to the sentry/turrets just to get to the stairs. Because they’re gonna be on the side closest to the Stinger turret.

I think what they mean by the other side of the mound is this: the stairs will still be on the sentry side, but will be closer to the stinger turret now. Idk, we’ll see what they actually mean.

I think that everyone is thinkin too much about this. Why not just make that back wall on the sniper perches solid… Then no more shooting through the cracks. Then make those back cliffs a tad bit higher to prevent back door Isic and Benedict cheese.

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Could have left the layout the same and just increased the height of the ledge a smidge to fully occlude the Sentry behind it…

Or alternatively caused the ground where the Sentry stands to dip a little bit to hide the Sentry fully behind the ledge as well.