Please tell me this is real and its Axton


Yup, this skin is called funk off and it’s definitely Axton, you can also find some adult magazine called “Going Commando”.

Aight, I guess I gotta switch to maining moze now…

I honestly never expected this to be a thing. But I am amused enough that I will hunt after this skin once I start playing as Moze.

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Omg yes! :joy::joy::joy:

Ahh yes. Distract enemies with the old razzle-Axton-dazzle. That’ll keep them preoccupied as they get Mech-Nuked.

Some strategies never die. Be warned, the dazzle affects team members.

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Afaik Earl sells it.

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That’s probably a callback to that Bandit Technical skin in BL2 that showed Lilith wearing a bikini on the hood. I love this.

What? I didn’t know that (goes back to playing BL2)…

The skin is called “True Turquoise”: