Please Turn Down the Particle Effects!

Dear Gearbox,

Please give us a way to turn down the Particle and overall effects in BL3. There are a number of reasons why I am beseeching you to do this. Some are personal and some are gear related so let’s begin with those.

I think we all know that consoles with their limited graphical and performance capabilities are struggling at best with the content of the game. Having so many weapon and enemy effects on the screen just about, or literally crashes the game. As an example: I dropped down to kill Katagawa junior with a Kaoson equipped on my phasegrasp Amara and fired two quick bursts. The screen goes into stop motion animation while the Xbox is screaming in agony trying to do Math, Math, Math, MATH, M A T HHHHHHH… Struggling to not freeze completely. The visual effects are just pushing the consoles limited capabilities and that’s with just a Kaoson. Try it with a Brainstormer, Reflux, Redistributor etc and I’ve had so many crashes that it is just stupid.
That arena is pretty small and for the most part also graphically not as intense as so many other areas in the game. Doing the Maliwan Takedown is far worse and yes I have crashed or again had screen freezes or just stop even attempting to render due to all of the effects going on.

Maybe next gen consoles will be more capable, but even watching streamers on higher end PC’s have frames drop so low that they comment on being below 30 fps.

The other side of this for me personally, is that I struggle with sensory overload as a result of a brain aneurysm. My case may be more unique, but I’m certainly not alone when it comes to this issue. The brightness of the effects cause migraines for me and others. The screen being so cluttered with effects make it impossible to tell what I’m shooting at or am supposed to be shooting at. This isn’t fun, it isn’t effective for enhancing game play and it’s pushing technology way beyond its limits. Let us PLEASE have a way to turn down all of this screen clutter!

I know you must be aware of these kinds of issues and have to have been aware since testing began for you before game release. I am completely baffled why you didn’t do something to allow everyone, whether on PC or Console to turn down the Particle effects? It’s in other games I’ve played so I know it’s possible, so I’m genuinely asking why this isn’t an option in your games?

Thank you for your consideration. GryffsDeadCorps on Xbox


This guy gets it.

Would love to have a slider or options for this.

For quite a while now in modern console gaming, I’ve wished we could get a broader array of graphic options. Let me decide what I’m willing to sacrifice for performance.

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Whether it be a slider or a clickable option from a list that goes from:

Down to

5/ Off (or minimal)

Let people choose their level of comfort or practicality based on the hardware and it’s limitations.

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