PLEASE un-nerf Gal!

Ambra’s nerf accomplished 0. Gal’s nerf made her a melee character who can’t melee, and a defender who can’t defend.

My totally reasonable and modest proposal is to remove the melee damage nerf. OR at least give her 50% more damage vs non-players.

Jeezus, Gal pre-nerf felt like what Battleborn is supposed to be. Now she’s just a mediocre footnote without any noteworthy ranged attack.

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I’m not sure if you’re referring to PVP or PVE here (I have not tried Galilea on PVP just yet), but I have zero issues with her in PVE at least.

I still think she’s OP as fk lol - it just takes a bit more actual skill to play her now.

See the comments I said on how to successfully play her here:

I love Gal… I mean seriously it took me a while to get the hang of her, but she’s one of my favorites. I don’t mind the nerf so much as long as she can still be one of the top tier combatants it’s all good. After all they’re aren’t that many female tanks out there. This is the first game of this type I’ve ever played… and I’m really liking what they’ve done with her story.

Basically, all they’ve done is make players “think” instead of just running into combat and owning everyone. She’s still quite the beast and I’m sure the other nerfs will help balance things out across the board. After all you shouldn’t get too attached to chars at this point, because this is the beta after all, so tweaks will be made. Lets just hope she stays mostly intact.

So I accidentally selected the wrong Helix once, and did not take “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone” (lol), and only then did I realize just HOW MUCH of my damage was coming from those little energy projectiles, which still fire off at melee range…

Also, when she’s fully corrupted, her ending attack combo fires like, 6 of the things in a cone in front of her, and if you are attacking something with melee, well, they all hit the enemy at once lol.