Please undo the change to character call outs while using the ultimate

Only one line… and EVERYONE hears that call out no matter what.

Who thought that would be good?

I already miss Marquis’ old lines…

Also it just sounds weird since the Voice Clip has a different Volume than other call outs.

It’s just weird.


Agreed. It is incredibly annoying to hear the same line over and over and OVER! Why am I supposed to care when someone uses their ult anyway?


Some ults should have call outs though. Orendi, Caldy, Boldur etc.

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I thought I was hearing things, yeah that’s pretty annoying.


I’m gonna say not Boldur, because past level 5 he’s ult pretty much all the time.

Maybe they should just increase the range at which they are heard, or give a character a little thing above their health bar saying their ult is on/off cooldown.


I didn’t play since the patch but… Really?

That’s one of the reasons why I don’t like playing Overwatch… The loud Ult shoutouts with only one line got so annoying after a few matches.
In a game like OW it at least makes sense though… Since you can get easily killed by an ult.
In BB though? Sure, some Ults are powerful but I never thought I’d need some loud shouting across the map for a warning. That’s just plain annoying. They could at least have given them more lines?!


I´d love that too, but I think they did one line per character to make it easier to hear its an Ult-callout. For example I play since CTT but still have not played every Battleborn and surely not heard every ULT-callout So if I heard Attikus 3rd ULT-callout I´d not recognize it. With the limit of 1 I can learn it fast and recognize it better.
So its more an issue of how many different callouts a player has memorized yet and if he can associate it with the right situation aka differ a usual kill-callout from an ULT-callout.
In the heat of battle its far easier if you have “only” to memorize & recall 28 callouts, instead of 56 or 84 (in case of 2 or 3 ULT-callouts per character).

I have not been able to play yet (download 17% WOOOT!) , so I´ve to say how annoying I may find it. Depends on the character I guess.

I’m really sad that they went with “firing blade barrage” rather than “go, scary monster arm!” :cry:


I don’t really see many callouts as a problem tbh. You just have to recognize a BBs voice to know who’s ult it is. And since the voice acting and voices are well done and pretty distinct I don’t think there is much room for confusion.

I’m sorry, but I’m really salty about this change in general. This really annoyed the hell out of me in OW but well… That game is really twitchy so I can see the point of a warning before an ult. In BB though? Where you mostly can’t kill somebody with just your ult and many characters depend on their ult and the element of surprise?

Sure, Orendi, Thorn and some others are annoying with their ult but if you’ve played some matches you just know that some Ults are deadlier than others. I just approached them differently when I knew they could potentially use their ult.

Although the biggest problem imo really is that characters who are comparably weak without their ults will be at a major disadvantage because people will know “oh look XY just used their ult, now I can smash them to the ground”.

Well, rant over. I’m gonna play the new story op now… The one thing I can still be excited about :smile:

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I agree, I just wanted to show it from the perspective of a beginner. In battle when all is screaming and exploding it could be hard to tell, especially with mirror-matches (Orendi vs. Orendi as example)
but as said - still waiting to see/hear it myself^^

At the moment I´ve no clear opinion on this change. I see what GBX intendet to do (to give us an indication if an ULT is on cooldown) but its hard to tell if this “tool” will be used and/or be usefull. Who knows, maybe they change it back or rework it through the next Battleplans if its not working as intendet.

My main concern atm:
I often “see with my ears” in games, to determine where to aim next. Got used to it through BL, Halo:Reach & ODST. I think I´ll twist arround quiet often because of ULT-callouts from the other side of the map, that could be annoying…
I like callouts to be heard at a realistic range and altitude, it has been a lifesaver very often for me…

(22% downloaded within 11hours! WOOOOT! I´d bet money that we have the worst internet connection in Germany lol)


I agree! You know, when they first announced this change for Thorns ult I was like “yeah, good thing they’ll give us a warning now” but I didn’t expect them to do it the OW way where you can hear it all over the map.

I’d be ok with the change if they did it, like you said, at a realistic range and volume… (I’m pretty sure it’s possible to implement some kind of radius to the callout) Plus keep all of their lines. Honestly the voice lines are like one of the things I love the most about the game… Butchering the majority of them hurts my soul lmao

Sorry for your wait time! I’m glad I downloaded it last night… mine took only over an hour though. Yet It’s worth it! Played the story op twice now and liked it a lot. I’m just a little sad it’s so short.
Gonna try the new PvP mode in a sec and see how much the callout BS will annoy me there… In PvE it’s ok, it’s just dumb to now hear the same line over and over again.

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I’m especially missing “After that, you’ll get a lolli-pop… after your DEAD. HAHAHA.”

Was so damn satisfying too bust a bunch of Minions while he says that


No more green ball?

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Wait they took away lines?

Well if the “only one line” is the problem they just have to add more lines maybe?

No they had multiple ones always, it seems they took them out for sake of minor clarity which is disappointing

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that’s what I mean. Adding those other lines to the callout. And maybe even more than that.

Oh, yeah they should add the lines back, seems ridiculous to take away, people really like the lines characters will say first the ults

Have one for enemy ULT callouts and you/teammates can hear all others?


That moment when you’ve played more than 500 pvp matches and you never had a problem not hearing the ult call outs.


If they will make this change stay, I really hope they will include all the lines, otherwise we are getting less content from our game. Just like that. The dialogues is what makes this game SPECIAL.