Please unlock at midnight!

Im so excited for this game its unreal, I slept all day today so I can play all night, looks like It might unlock tomorrow morning, I hope its midnight!


I second this!

For sure, I hope it does at midnight.

Midnight here already so… meh :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be awesome if the game unlocked at 12:00 Am, but unfortunately I think we’re stuck until 12:00 PM

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+1 for earlier unlock

It’ll unlock at 2am for me otherwise, and that’s just a little too late :weary:

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they’re stuck until the [people] at steam can get it running

00:00 on the 25th was 15 hours ago for me, it should be by timezone! :smiley:

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Posted similar info in the preload thread, but I’ll post it here too…

Sooooo, noon CST tomorrow… Unless GB wants to flip that switch tonight?