Please Welcome Meredith to the Gearbox Community Team!

(Watcher on the wall) #21

Fight me

(Orendi's Best Buddy) #22

Hello Meredith! Come in, sit down, and make yourself comfortable. Can I get you some coffee or tea or scotch whiskey?

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #23

Again: Welcome to the Twilight Zone, uhh, GearboxForums :heart:

(Watcher on the wall) #24

My meme hath been shared? I am honored. Oh glorious day! My level of memeing has increased!
I will remember this day.

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #25

It´s yours? Amazing! I saw it poted here by you, but to be true I found it via Google a few months ago! :smile:

Was like “WUUUUUUUUT?! I need that!”

(lowlines - PS4) #26

Welcome @MereAtGBX! I can vouch that most of these forum folks are a bunch of awesome people…though don’t expect any mercy if you get matched up against them in Battleborn. :sweat_smile:

I assume you’ve been brought in to fill the hole that is going to be created when @JoeKGBX stops being able to function properly from all the Destiny 2 news and hype? Someone should probably be on hand to check that he’s still breathing after tomorrow’s reveal trailer. :sunglasses:

(Penguin connoisseur.) #27

He means “stay away from @HandsomeCam”; weirdo thinks he’s an animated talking penguin…"

Haha! I do…

(The Villain) #28


Translation: Welcome.

(Be Peculiar and Don't Be Evil!) #29

Welcome to the forums Meredith!

I hope you’re doing well and enjoying yourself in this community.

(lowlines - PS4) #30

You forgot the bit where you like to sit on a block of ice with 99 other penguins in the middle of an ocean filled to the brim with leopard seals :wink:

And I wasn’t referring to anyone in particular. It’s just one of those things you say, because even if everyone you know is awesome, there are obviously going to be a few individuals out there that aren’t. It’s the way of the internet.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #31

So… not a lizard person?

Dislike of reptiles in general, no blood relation to Gorn, or a subscriber to

(Master of Eeveelution) #32

I have no .gif to retaliate with, because phone, but I am not above fighting large, short-haired, sword-wielding women. This calls for a hair off!

Like literally, because I’m going to make you bald…

(Marvinmoon) #33

“You can get out any time you like but you cant ever leave.”

(MentalMars) #34

YAY a new GBX employee to stalk, Hi @MereAtGBX welcome on board! :smiley:

I make stuff for the community first a lot of Borderlands related content and for the last 2 years it’s been all Battleborn. Looking into doing some more Borderlands stuff again.

(Cast Iron Chef) #35

[quote=“Slif_One, post:20, topic:1559013”]
I have a really cool beard

No you don’t. @AMG_75 does.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #36

Groot?! Oh, man… That’s totally AWESOME!! Alright, be honest… How many times have you said “I am Groot” since Guardians of the Galaxy released a couple years ago? I’d say it everytime someone asked me my name…

(Master of Eeveelution) #37

You haven’t even seen my beard! And I guarantee you my hair is WAY prettier!

(MentalMars) #38

Well i still have a feeling comicbook movies aren’t that big here in holland as in the usa, and i know the people surrounding me aren’t into the marvel movies. So it’s not something i encountered in real life except all the shout outs by Randy :smiley:

(Master of Eeveelution) #40

I dropped a beer on my toe, as it was falling I hoped only my toe would break, but th beer broke instead, rip, Meredith’s fault.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t move my foot, I did, I moved it to break the fall of the beer but it only served to break the beer. Rip. Meredith’s fault.

(Cast Iron Chef) #41

I doubt it’s as pretty as @Kitty_Jo’s. :dukejk: