Please Welcome Meredith to the Gearbox Community Team!

(Master of Eeveelution) #42

Is that a challenge by proxy? I may not have the best beard, but it’s decent, NOBODY ■■■■■ with Slif’s hair though, not even moderators and community badasses >.<

(Gearbox Licensing Human) #43

Thanks for the welcome party! Y’all are as spirited as @JoeKGBX said you were :wink:

(Cast Iron Chef) #44

Ya ain’t seen nothin’ yet, darlin’.

(Master of Eeveelution) #45

Spirited? We were legit fighting just now, and I won as evidenced by my saying so. Those uninvolved are irrelevant, unless they have a purple halo, a COMMUNITY BADASS badge, or are me, they’re nobodies.

Just you wait 'til I’m drunk :joy:

(Is this thing on?) #46

Not until you’ve posted proof to The Glorious Beard Thread you haven’t!

(lowlines - PS4) #47

That health bar…Dude you have way too much health, Gearbox nerf this broken character right now!! (Also I really love that info graphic!!)

(Master of Eeveelution) #48

Damn it, they’re onto me, my beard really isn’t that good and I’m jealous of people with better ones than me. I guess it still is kinda cool though, some people can’t even grow beards, though I can’t grow a moustache DAMN IT! They’re onto me…

I’ll take a few mirror selfies tomorrow night after I wash my hair, or get one of my housemates to take some pics either or. Then you shall see, you all will see!

(MentalMars) #49

Yeah but that energy bar isnt full

(In Vino Veritas) #50

All of us sitting here making pretend Joe said spirited and not insane.

Some self control we’ve got.

(Gearbox Licensing Human) #51

Oh, he definitely said “insane” :wink:

(Influencer Guy) #52


(Penguin connoisseur.) #53

Sorry, dude, but because i don’t like being part of a large group, the Cam is a Playstation exclusive… :smirk:

Discord will get by without me… SOMEHOW…

(Berserker) #54

We have a lot of fun here.