Plot Armor Wilhelm build

Plot Armor Wilhelm build

The skills

Hunter Killer:

After Burner 5/5

Air speed for Wolf is nice as it allows him to draw aggro
with less risk of catching too many bullets, reload speed is
also a much welcomed bonus and due to the openness of the loadout
the projectile speed helps with torgue weapons ect.

Fire support 5/5

More damage for you and your faithful Wolf, what’s not to like?

Laser guided 1/1

Painting targets for a free damage buff and even more action skill duration? sign me up.

Cyber commando:

Man and Machine 5/5

More health and shield means more time killing things for both you and wolf.

Targeting Scope 5/5

This skill lets you face melt anything you get close to very quickly,
its also the only other skill worth taking to get down to powerfist (unless you want to rock lasers all the time)

Powerfist 1/1

This thing does some serious damage, freeze a target, paint them with your surveyors and then punch them into mist, easy peasy.

Shock absorbers 1/1

Literal run and gunnning! Allows us to leap from fight to fight while spraying death everywhere.

Emergency Response 5/5

When things get bad you get badder! Has amazing synergy with the next two skills.

Divert Power 5/5

Enemies in UVHM can hit pretty hard, I’m sure we’ve all been on the recieving end of an Elpisian Buttslam barrage
and wished we could tank it better while getting out of dodge, this skill does than AND lets us keep proccing Emergency response and Vengeance cannon.

(Re)Vengeance Cannon 1/1

Even more damage! This skill is buffed by fire rate bonuses so you can run around pretending to be the predator on PCP, provided you can keep your shield up!
Also works amazingly well with termination protocol to get us up and back into the fight.


Auxiliary tanks 5/5

More healing and splitting of aggro via Wolf and Saint plus we get to do it even more often!

Fortify 5/5

More damage while our action skill is active, plus a even more bulk for us and Wolf.

Energize 5/5

8.5% health regen per second with the celestial com is nothing to sniff at, plus more shield restore for us and our buddies…Yay teamwork!

Heatsinks 5/5

Even more shield buffing, once Wolf and Saint go take a nap we get even more of a buff, allowing us to proc our shield depletion skills without dying a horrible messy death.

Termination Protocol 1/1

Ever get tired of enemies dropping you into FFYL and then taking a stroll in the opposite direction? GO LUMBER AFTER HIM LIKE A FIRE SPITTING ELECTRICAL ZOMBIE CYBORG!

Zero Hour 1/1

Nice little healing bubble for you and your team mates, if you don’t think you need more health and you don’t play a lot of MP then perhaps slip this point elsewhere, but I like it.

Overcharge 1/1

Ever wanted to reenact that one scene from predator? Grab a few buddies (preferably a clappy for super ultimate manly high fives) and spray the ever loving Elpis out of people. Bonus points for using Ol’ Painful.

The gear


Haymaker. Lots more health, good capacity and resistance + the ability to possibly pass on elemental effects off is pure gold.

Class Mod:

Celestial Enforcer

Even more shields and a nice buff to our gun damage and even more movement speed to keep up away from bad guys while Wolf and Saint go to work. Bonus skills keep Wolf and Saint in the fight longer and allow us to take a beating.

Oz Kit:

3DD1.E Who doesn’t love this little thing? Again we get a huge buff to shields, some Laser damage (if it isn’t bugged) Air control is nice for moving around the battlefield and obviously that shield and health recharge is really nice, in addition to his little hampers of joy he spews forth.

If Eddie is being a pain and not dropping/appearing in vendors then a Juggernaut Oz kit or a Support relay should your friends be rocking them will do just fine.

Everything after this is really up to personal tastes and play styles, I like to rock a cryo gun + Torguemada and a Vibra pulse for some cheeky heals from vengeance cannon, last slow is usually up in the air but at the moment I’ve enjoyed using a Magma in atmosphere areas and a shreddifier when I feel like spraying everything.

Grenade mod is really what you are comfortable using, I like the Quasar and Bonus package so that’s what I tend to use.

Let me know if my math/skill selection isn’t all that great and I’ll take suggestions on board. I’ll be tidying this up and making it look nice as I go and I may even have a leveling guide once I’m happy with everything.

If anyone wants to record themselves trying out the build that would be great, I lack the capabilities to record game play.

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