Pls fix the ports for multiplayer

There are players behind NAT and firewall, and it is impossible to connect to them. The game either crashed or becomes out of sync or dropped off!

Are there ports to forward? If someone finds out pls let us know!

Contacted support myself and they sent me these port numbers:

Port 7777 (UDP/TCP)
Port 28900 (TCP)
Port 27900 (UDP)
Port 28910 (TCP)


This is a massive problem. The game needs to fix this without user intervention. The number of people playing capable or wanting to mess around with port forwarding just to get basic matchmaking working is approx ~ 0.

The ports should been automatically opened in windows firewall, but when I checked there were NONE!. Not even a single port open or firewall rule to connect to other players.

As far as I have experienced, you can play without forwarding ports, if the host just quits after launch.
This needs insight from the developers.

Also, forwarding ports, and even removing all parties routers and firewalls did not make a difference. Host typically gets stuck “Downloading Content”, and has to exit the frozen game.

Once I pardoned HW:R through windows firewall (popup after closing the game saying it was blocking things, I said allow all access) I’ve had no issues, and I’ve played several games with friends.

The only problems for disconnects have been someone ping entering the 999 territory (usually from something like a phone deciding to sync in the middle of a multiplayer match).

So give your firewall a check, because that seems to have worked for me.

This is just HW2 with new gfx and the 2 other races from HW1 added. It has the old bugs and a ton of new ones. Back then at 1.1 you could only host a joinable match when you where directly conneted to the internet. No router or you had to forward a ton of ports. I startet HW2 with this “Homeworld2.exe -port 7002”. I was therfore known as one of the few great connectable game hosters :slight_smile: At least back then the games loaded fast and with everyone in it.
The problem now is i dont think there is an easy fix for this. The multiplayer needs to be completly redone but i dont think this is planned. So lets hope they fix something fast so we can play. I think back then in cata you had to select a proxy server after the game started. If you selected the wron one it didnt load :slight_smile:

Do we need to forward some ports when hosting behind a NAT/Firewall like we had to do in the old good HW2 ?

It feels pretty stupid that no official information or documentation been given. I tried the ports listed a few post back without success. I had no problems with old HW2.

So far, I have always been able to connect into a game but I have never been able to host a game in HW2 Remastered. What I have observed, most of the time, it is the “Host” player that will not made-it to the actual game it self. Which will raise a question of where is the game actually hosted ?

Most of the time it’s stucked in “Downloading Content…”. This is Beta Right ? Usually a smart programmers do provide a little more information about what is going on to make it easier to narrow down a possible problems. Like providing information about what is being downloaded etc…

Started happening to me as well. What’s going on? I keep freezing out on “downloading content”.