Pls help HSS Terminus :(

Hello there.
I recently bought Sir Hammerlock Big Game Hunt . When i killed ( well he killed him self ) this Nakayama profesor on HSS Terminus, big green popup message pop up TURN IN showed up and a marker to fast travel system in a room behind the stairs, So i went and trurned the mission as the game told me to Sir Hammerlock in the hunters lodge . When i returned to hss terminus to collect my loot, this beast i fought was alive again - so i killed it again - no proffesor this time . But when i proceeded to treasure room - there is a barrier not allowing me to enter:( How can i enter this room to get my rewards for completing this dlc . I spent a few houers playing it and would like to open those chests…

sorry for my english i am not native speaker

I think those chests are only accessible during the main questline. Wish I could help somehow

The “beast” always respawns.

The chests are only for the main storyline, you can reset UVHM as many times as you want though if you want another shot at those chests.

very sorry, but as others have said, this is an instance where you should have waited before turning the mission in, in fact I am very slow in turning missions in, just for this very reason, just to make sure nothing is missed.

I will say that having been through there with several different toons, I have only twice found any loot there worth taking, Jackenstien’s drop is usually a lot better then what’s found in the loot room.

I found 2 legendaries in one run in that room. There are a few chests(can’t remember the exact count) that have a unique glow to them. they glow a goldish hue almost like electricity but it’s yellow/gold in color. Not all the chests have this trait to them. Only a few in that room. I would imagine that those unique chests are a higher chance to yield rare loot, imo.

So let me get this straight , basicly what you guys are sayin - i am screwed right???


Yes you are.

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Well than since this is game over for me am not going to buy any more dlc’s on steam I am gonna be a bit salty here. Its a shame coz i just checked and have 235 h sunk in this game ( yeh i am a slow player and take my time).
I dont know who designed that dlc but this beyond me how can you construct the game in such a way that player can be locked out of rewards. More over it is designed in that way that it Encurages you to do that . After this profesor is dead game basicly tells you to turn in mission and the big marker is pointing you to fast travel becon… How could someone put that becon BEFORE the room with rewards knowing that once you use it this becon reward room is unaccesable for you – i dont even … I feell trolled by gearbox for wich i payed with my ow money - I know many will find that funny but i am not . I feel cheated and misled at least.

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It was done like that because people were cheating to get in there and that was the preventative measure against farming with no risk.
GBX is really against chest farming as you can see from BL1 patches.

it’s not like you were going to get anything and you can’t do that quest line again.

personally I think you’ve bribed the RNG Gods, I still haven’t found anything in the Loot Train and I’ve Hit it several times in the last few weeks :wink:

on that play through, yes. it is available in NVHM, TVHM and multiple times in in UVHM as Blut stated by resetting the game

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I’ve been very lucky in this room. It’s actually one of my best farmplaces. Legendaries for days!

This is atrocious designe … There are like gozillion ways of achiving that without screwing up legit players.
Put that fast travel sign in a room behind the chest chamber , make chests only open once in particular game, make quest turn in trigger After looting chestss etc… from top of my head. Its just bad, amateur lvl design…

Well once again it’s not like you can’t repeat the quest.

If i understand that correctly in order to get to those chests from the dlc i already bought i need to buy another dlc and do the whole chain of quests again ,right ? If that is the case let me think about it … ummmm no, just no:(

Umm no, you just have to reset it and you aren’t buying anything.
You just do those quests again. Thats all.

besides you kind of need all the dlc to play the game with others(minus headhunters backs)

What Blutfatal said- you don’t have to repurchase any dlc but you can replay them with any new character. If in normal you can replay the dlc in TVHM and when in UVHM you can replay any dlc from the start by restarting UVHM- you can restart UVHM at any point you desire. Once a dlc is finished most will allow you to fight at least one or more boss again- it’s just that in some cases (like the treasure room in the Capt Scarlett dlc) the treasure room can only be entered while you’re doing the mission- if you come back later you may be able to fight the boss but he treasure area will be off limits (again, this is how the treasure cave is done in the Capt Scarlett dlc- you can only legitimately enter it twice)…

It’s still a questionable design, considering that farming bosses for rare loot is a BIG part of what makes BL so good. And since neither Jackenstein or Leviathan drops loot worth farming for (no, I don’t consider Yellow jacket worth farming for), then why on earth should we go fight them?

I just pay it forward. :innocent:

Edit: Case in Point…

I’m guessing that by “another dlc” you mean UVHM? However, UVHM is accessible without DLC. The UVHM upgrade pack only increases the level cap. You can still redo the Hammerlock DLC in UVHM and reset UVHM as needed, without needing to buy anything.

Alternately, you could join the game of someone who hasn’t turned in that mission yet.

Overall, when it comes to getting your money’s worth, the Hammerlock DLC was probably a poor choice.

Honestly hammerlocks has some of the best gear in it.

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