Pls Help ! My Goldenkeys are missing

Just now when I was playing Borderlands 2 the game crash , when I started playing again the Goldenkeys got reset to 10 before the game crash I have somewhere about 115 . Can someone pls help me .

Sorry to hear about your trouble. Try submitting a support ticket here concerning your problem. They may be able to help.

thank you for helping.

Is your badass rank still intact by chance? There is a known bug that not only removes golden keys, but also decreases your rank and clears some customizations.

If so, makes sure you mention that in your ticket. Support will be able to restore any skins and heads you obtained via shift codes.

And if your badass rank is affected as well, you can fix that yourself by loading each of your characters one after the other, that should restore it back to, if not pretty darn close, to its original state.

Thanks for helping me I have received all my goldenkeys back now.

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I wonder if the support can restore skins and heads obtained by the looting through the gameplay. I lost my keys/ heads and skins obtained from both the shift codes and looting. Had my badass rank reseted but I could restore it with your tip (thanks btw)

Unfortunately, any skins and heads you obtained via looting will have to be re-found. Support isnt able to restore those, only Shift customizations.
Its frustrating, I know. The badass rank glitch happened to my account 3 times. But tech support was able to at least restore my shift code heads and skins as well as keys.

Indeed it’s frustrating, but at least they could recover the shift codes rewards =)

I’m only at the beginning, I’m playing with zero at level 27, I think it won’t take too long to recover the loot. I was worried about the golden keys and shift customizations (I know it’s silly lol, but I liked a lot those halloween skins). Now I can just wait for the support response, hope they contact me soon.

It’s strange, I’ve never played co-op before and yesterday I got this invitation from someone and we played a mission. Then I closed the game normally and today when I started, everything was lost. Could the glitch be related to this?

The cause is still mostly unknown as odd as that is. But from what Ive gathered from personal experience and hearing other peoples stories, it does seem to happen most when entering or exiting a co-op or split screen session. So I think its safe to say the two are related somehow. May have something to do with when the game saves or loads.

When I logged into my steam account, I’ve noticed both my Borderlands 2 and TPS were uninstalled but not deleted from my HD. After installing the games again I noticed the missing stuff from BL2 but in TPS all my keys and the badass tokens were ok. Anyway, just in case I’ll never play co-op again lol, and to think I only opened to public invitations because I needed someone to help me getting the ‘I’ve got a crush on you’ challenge sigh.

How long the support took to contact you?

Just to keep anyone who had the same problem informed: I received a response from gearbox few minutes ago, and everything is back! Just have to loot the skins again, but I got all the shift rewards back 100%! Those guys are awesome =)

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Good to hear!

I had this same thing happen to me and I filed a support ticket. Game crashed on me and I lost all my shift keys. It also reset my Y Axis invert for some reason.

How did they restore the keys for your account ? I’m waiting to hear back and get mine that were lost as well as the machine sniper

Woah, Thread Necromancy!

Any way… The support staff are able to do certain things, such as add Golden Keys to your SHiFT account tied to the platform/user name you have linked in your SHiFT profile. They can’t, however, restore everything. Since it’s the aftermath of July 4th in the US, it may take a bit longer than usual to hear back from support, but they will do what they can.

Regarding The Machine sniper rifle, it is possible to get it in-game since early 2016 when it was added in to the world-drop loot pool. Check the weapon vendors regularly for the Item of the Day, or try your luck at the Grinder - you never know!

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