[PLUG-IN] GIMP HW Exporter - Export Layers to TGA


I made another thing! …sort of.

This is a re-purposed example of a plugin script that’d export each layer as it’s own png image.

I’ve adapted it to add the underscore between the name of the file and the name of the layer (i.e. kad_swarmer and DIFF) and to instead export to TGA with RLE compression always turned off (cause having to check for that every time bugged me)

This should make users of the free-combo GIMP and Blender have an easier work flow that allows them to create all 8 textures HW uses (DIFF, NORM, SPEC, REFL, TEAM, STRP, PAIN, GLOW) on the same image with each one simply being a different layer. Makes it a little easier to visualize things like TEAM or STRP maps when you can have them overlayed on the DIFF :wink:

Just make sure the layers are named like one of the list of 8 above in all caps and the rest is handled for you.

Just drop the .py into C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins :smiley:

The export option is added to the bottom of the File menu:


YES! This looks handy. Very handy.

This is great! I have 21 ships to texture for the Taiidan Republic Mod, so this will save me LOTS of time :grinning:

One suggestion - I work by dragging all the TGAs into the same file, so they all have the name “race_ship_XXXX”, so when I put no base name, it comes out as “_race_ship_XXXX”, so I have to remove all the underscores. Maybe I just need to work differently…

I assume you mean _race_ship_XXX.tga

GBX forums formatting is weird like that :wink:

I can put in a check box to inlcude the underscore I’m sure :smile:

Yes I did mean that, strange re-formatting…

Use the accent mark (the thing that looks like an apostrophe next to 1 on the keyboard) for a quick inline code block :P

Okay @Dom2 check the git repo, should have a toggle-able underscore now.

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Thanks! I work for a big company that has some in-house developed software - a simple request like that would take months and probably be rejected on the basis that only one user requested it… So good on you for doing that quickly, for free! :+1:

You should see what I did to HODOREST. That was a huge makeover there hehe

And at this point I’m starting to think my ideal job in the software development field would be internal tool dev. I’m here to make lives easier :smiley:

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Looks like it has added a pixel to one of the files, but when I check the _GLOW file, it is still 2048x2048. Any ideas?

The original file or the exported tga?

The export method is VERY simple and essentially just calls the same exporter that you’d have picked by hand, and fills in the “No RLE Compression” and “Origin” options for you. That’s about it.

If another pixel is coming out of no where there’s something inherently wrong somewhere else.

The problem was using “desaturate” on the GLOW layer. I think this removes the colour channels, so HODOR was not able to process it.

Aaahhhh yes, I’ve had some weird output when I’ve used a specular that wasn’t in RGB mode…

Where do you get these models from? Are they publicly available?

You can extract them from EVE’s client. Likely the same way that Zatch got them in the first place.

Are you allowed to just use them like that?

Yeah people been doing it for years.
The devs also gave us a set up for rendering ships in a browser and hosted it on Github.

Nice! Because those ships look damn cool…

Forked with my own modifications. Nothing major, but might be useful to others:

  • Now detects if .tga or .TGA is present in the layer name
  • Only exports layers with a valid suffix (e.g. _DIFF, _SPEX, _TEAM, etc.) as defined in SHADERS.MAP