Plunkett Jakobs Sniper

This gun will be AWESOME (if you really want to snipe). As long as you crit, your magazine will never empty, which means no reload, lol.

It is awesome, especially on Nisha. Did you ever exit Showdown with 21 stacks of impatience? Everytime i did, the Plunkett was involved. And yes, a mag of over 120 rounds is badass! But Aurelia will have fun with this gun, too. And Jack just rips through enemys with this gun. Just imagine sponsored by-bonusses like added shock damage or 30% extra damage on top of this weapons devastating damage output. Its a total beast!

I love how Jakobs sniper rifles reward a steady aim. The Plunkett has that Jakobs feel with a nice special feature for marksmen. It is still pretty traditional and straightforward though. Headshot or bust.

Best of all, it’s almost as strong as a purple Muckamuck, given the same parts. This gun would’ve been much more appreciated in BL2. Sniping just doesn’t seem as appealing, when you can have Maliwan Blasters, freeze enemies, and every class has a decent melee boost to complement the freezing.

I wouldn’t call using lasers sniping. There is no penalty for missing when you gain by holding the trigger button.

Oh, most certainly not. A railgun does not get perfect accuracy while aiming down, after all xD . What I meant was, with the presence of buttslamming, elemental assault rifles in the form of Malliwan blasters, and being able to freeze ‘n’ smash, sniping is generally not necessary, and none of the current characters care for sniping. But yes, Aurelia should have fun with the Plunkett.

@metaknight987 Aurelia is certainly going to be boss with a sniper but I’ve had success sniping even with Claptrap and Athena. Any of the characters can be effective snipers just like any of the characters can be melee. All it takes is the right build and Cryo just makes it easier: frozen enemy and 3x critical hit damage. It’s just as easy for me to camp back and pick off frozen enemies as it is to rush in and smash. Different strokes for different folks you know?

I think no one beats Claptrap with Plunkett.


Pretty sure Nisha does just as well, but she can also recuperate much better from a missed shot.
If you miss, you have to reload and then spend the time to get to that last shot. Nisha gets her bonus on the first shot, so she can simply reload to get it back :smile:

Nisha has a COM that boosts Crack shot, and Mag6… and Jakobs gun damage.
And her action skill auto-aims for crit spots… and she has ludicrous good reload speed if you miss (125% from showdown, and 100% from impatience at 5 stacks)

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I dont think so.

This. Mind you, that is at merely five stacks of Impatience, and you can get up to 21. It’s unlikely, but this gun seems to be one that can reach 21 if used correctly. Also, it appears that many riflewoman builds blend with L&O as well, so we have potential for Rarin’ to Go (up to 60% weapon damage and reload on a kill). Nisha in theory could use this gun more efficiently than Claptrap, but he appears to have the easiest time as of now.

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Nisha needs far more setup to use the plunkett efficiently, but she can also pretty much negate its downsides, Claptrap on the other hand, is better on setup-terms, cause OLT is enough to dominate with the Plunkett, but the weapons downsides, i.e. the reload on a missed shot and the need to almost empty the guns mag hurt the flow of gameplay much more than with Nisha.


Without a class mod boosting OLT, with the right parts I believe the Plunkett gets roughly 320%-400% (not sure if it can get a mag of 8, so I’m attempting to guess the bonus damage from less than 8 shots) bonus damage from the final shot in the mag. Including that class mod, we’re looking at roughly 800%-880% bonus damage to the final shot of the Plunkett.

A blue Pipin’ Hot Six Shooter COM gives a roughly 40% Jakobs gun damage bonus, and if you stack Crack Shot with Magnificent Six, we’re looking at 210% weapon damage on the first shot. If she triggers Rarin’ to Go as well with 30 Order stacks, 270% weapon damage.

Claptrap, so long as he does not miss, has the clear advantage in DPS due to OLT, and he can use a different class mod if wanted to boost other skills. The damage Nisha outputs with the Plunkett between Crack Shot, Magnificent Six, and the Six Shooter, minus kill skills, gets beaten by 3-4/5 points in OLT (but why would you not put 5/5 in there?). 5/5 beats her easily with her kill skills. If we are talking raw damage, Claptrap wins.

Claptrap’ s other skills regarding reloads are not optimized for this playstyle though. Load N’ Explode will not proc often, and Drop the Hammer will only see use if a different weapon is reloaded to increase the reload and/or fire rate of the Plunkett. I have not played Claptrap in a while, but I believe 5/5 Drop the Hammer increased reload by 35% and the capstone of Boomtrap increased it by 60% on a kill (Claptrap players, please correct me if I am wrong.)

Nisha on the other hand has 125% more reload speed in Showdown, which already is 30% more reload speed than Clappy on his best day. That’s without including stacks of Impatience or Rarin’ to Go. If Nisha has 30 stacks of Order, she gains a 60% damage boost and reload speed for every kill, which she is very good at getting when ADS in Showdown targets critical points. For each kill she gets before reloading the magazine, she gains a stack of Impatience, which gives a 20% reload speed bonus per stack. This can stack up to 21 times for a whopping 420% reload speed if 21 stacks were accumulated. Add that to Nisha’s other skills and she has the potential for 605% weapon reload speed. That however is unlikely. The average reload speed on kill in Showdown and 30 stacks would be at least 205% reload speed.

Conclusion? Nisha can pretty much completely negate the reload of The Plunkett, but at her best does only a fraction of the damage that Claptrap can put out. If you have a steady hand and rarely miss, Claptrap is the winner due to raw damage. If you are not as effective at sniping and likely to slip up more often, Nisha is much more forgiving on the reload, but your maximum damage still could not possibly reach Claptrap’s.

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Why is reload speed even an issue here? Don’t miss. :grin:

And what would One Shot Wonder do on a critical hit with the Plunkett? Drain the whole ammo pool?

It fires all bullets in the mag, but the ability is that bullets in the mag are not used…One Shot Wonder may still override it.

inb4 the Plunkett time trials of some girl running an entire map/arena without any body shots.

I actually like this idea…holodome or the factory?

Don’t forget when you compare, that Nisha has both a lot of fire rate boosts available, and an action skill that locks onto crit spots.

So while Clappy may shoot for more damage, Nisha can do it faster, more reliably AND recover from failure MUCH more easily.

This would be much easier to test the higher DPS with a test dummy, but with the absence of one I would suggest that we test this on something much larger and arguaby easier to hit. That huge face on the Sentinel sounds like a good target to test, and the arena comes with some places for kill skills to activate. Why not try it out and see what damage DPS we can get?

I rly dont want to force this into aimbot thread again but if you gonna use Showdown with sniper then whats the point?? Again if you want to use the sniper in SD then why not Invader or something to get some use of fire rate bonus. Clap is hitting over a million with plunket. True you need to have a steady hand and aim for crits and you need to waste the first shots to get to last one to abuse OLT. But thats without any other DPS skills and kill skills. Those numbers could be much much higher. It is true that Nisha can recover from failure faster, but like Ive said there are better snipers to use while SD imo. If it works with Tombstone, the only edge Plunkett could have is the ammo consumption.