PLZ GBX, hear my words

I’m farming for an backburner (yes I reseted my whole story progress just to kill pain and terror) and it’s really annoying on console…:rage:
Meanwhile I’ve got 14 of them, most are ml10 I think.
6 of them got “while sliding…” annoit
4 got “while airborne…” annoit
1 heal pool
1 dmg reduction while ASA
1 200 weapon dmg ASA
1 300/90 annoit

Unfortunately the last 2 are about ml 6 or 7.
Farming in borderlands isn’t fun anymore, it’s frustrating and disappointing. If you get the drop that u want, u can be sure it’s annoit sucks. For the higher mayhem levels I need a ton crap of dmg to compete, i don’t need a ■■■■■■■ healpool on the ground that makes one thing, I’m easy to hit…
Or sliding and airborne anoits, they only make it harder to hit your target.
On a character like zane or moze it’s extremely important to have 1 out of 2 or 3 specific annoits on your guns to deal enough dmg, but that is nearly impossible due to the bunch of garbage annoits.
Guns are supposed to deal dmg and so should also the annoit on the gun, I think.

So please Gearbox, do us all a favour and remove those ■■■■■■■ sliding, airborne, reload, fire rate annoitments and stop adding things like dmg reduction and heal pool annoitments, thank you.

Ps: Not the best English but I’m pissed and Boss farming on console sucks :face_vomiting:

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Loading times on console are awful, but I’m not sure that there is a fix for this as they don’t have the power of a well built PC.

They are working on leveling annoints, I would expect to see some get lowered and a lot get buffed. In general Airborne>Sliding though as it’s very hard to line up shots while tryna steal 3rd. But the bonuses on these style annointments are entirely too low compared to annoints farther up the food chain.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Airborne damage/crit upped to 100% and sliding removed altogether unless we can get some way to increase the DURATION of the slide. Rakk crit should be 100-125% as its situational to hitting crits. The same could be said for Zane’s barrier crit/fire rate annoint.

Gearbox proved this week by keeping Cartel annoints that they are listening to community feedback. It will take some time to weed out the imbalance of annointments.

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If u keep that ■■■■■■■■ annoitments like sliding and airborne it should be 200% and 100%. When u get it done to hit enemies while sliding/airborne it should benefit that, but only the dmg ones. Fire rate is completely useless. I guess in the future there will be new annoitments, how does that look like in a year? U’ve got an polluted anoitment pool of 60-70, yeah try to get a specific one on a specific gun with a specific element and the right parts,haha good joke. This system is not rewarding, when there is a chance of 1:bazillion to get a gun that is even useful.
A simple fix to load times could be, make every boss like Freddy. Or let us respawn a boss by using eridium. But that’s not important, the annoitments are.

Fire Rate x Damage formula = DpS. There are a bunch of factors that effect damage per shot. Yet only one that changes how many shots you put out. Fire Rate is a really simple way to increase damage, at the cost of more ammo.

I completely agree with you fire rate is really important for your dmg output. But not as an annoit, when it must be paired with reload speed. But compare some sliding/airborne fire rate annoit with an 100% cryo SNTL annoit. You will never get to that dmg.

I am waiting for them to fix the Backburner so it can drop at the proper Mayhem level from Agonizer 9000 (rather than Pain and Terror). Props to you for resetting though!

If u r on ps4 I can send u some

No worries, they’ll add more anointments and content rather than fix what’s broken.