Plz gearbox continue tps development

I Would Love To See All The Tps Dlcs 2k Australia was Doing and I am a Great Borderlands fan so Please continue TPS Development :tired_face: !


Sorry man, but that ship sailed with the announcement of BL3. It’s possible, but extremely improbable.


That ship sailed, much like the cruise ship that was part of the dlc!

…someone funny make a joke from that.


Sorry, but TPS’s development period is over and there won’t be anything new released for it. You’ll have to wait until BL 3 (or 4) for new BL content.

I wish they would continue… Im hoping they atleast give us more patches. And put in some of the stuff we asked for in a thread awhile back.

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They may be giving us new patches, but we’re not likely to get any new content.

Yea, i wish they would though. Tps has so much more potential.

It had a lot of potential, but 2k squandered it with their decision on what to add to the Season Pass.

I Hope They at least Release BL3 :unamused:

From what I’ve read it’s already out of pre-production so it’s currently being worked on.

I doubt we’ll see any more TPS. It was an “expansion” of BL2, with which I had a lot of fun, but now GBX’s effort is going to be put into BL3 (and Battleborn but that’s OT :slight_smile: ) .

However, we can but hope that many of the mechanics of TPS find their way into BL3. Cryo was so much better than Slag, Lasers were fun, even if Mr Torgue didn’t like them :grin: “Jet packing” in whatever form, should be a no-brainer. Getting your character skill earlier was great and didn’t upset game balance. But, most of all, it made the characters feel like “badasses” again, like BL1.

So, no more TPS but let’s hope it lives on in BL3.


I would definitely like to see more TPS content, as it would fix the single biggest weakness. But it’s almost certainly not going to happen. Which is too bad, because I’d gladly throw money at new anything Borderlands.


TPS >>>>>> Battleboring

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