Plz work on flak

I have been running flak since open of bl3 and I have seen all the other toons leave flak in the dirt …like someone said when I asked how they can run things so easy w the other characters, he everything flak can the others can do 10 x better lol…in my experience w flak u have either good dmg and no survivability or good survivability and little dmg …the others are hands down better and yes I could change but I really dont want to go through the whole game again to be able to play a different character…so can we plz balance flak out w the others …I mean even the anointed weapons for the other characters have have better bonuses …

TBF, a bunch of people keep saying stuff like “Moze is the worst VH now” and “FL4K is being left in the dirt”. What is the measure you’re using for this? I don’t mean pull up stats or anything, but what makes you feel that FL4K is being left behind?

I don’t mean to offend, but it could simply be piloting issues. Not everyone has the same affinity for every Vault Hunter. At the very least, on the highest difficulties and for (dare I say) the highest caliber players, FL4K is still extremely competitive.

What specifically do feel the other VHs do 10x better than FL4K? Popular opinion is wrong fairly often in matters Borderlands, so what you heard may simply be an exaggeration based on many people not playing FL4K in a way that would keep them competitive. At least see if you can get some advice and retry your approach.

What is your build, if you don’t mind my asking?


I don’t know about Fl4k getting left in the dust, maybe if I brushed up on the meta I could understand why.

When the takedown started I was running rakks with Megavore and a brainstormer + lyuda and I had a few people ask how my Fl4k was getting so much damage, now that’s basically the meta for Fl4k to solo the takedown from what I understand. Recently I finished fine-tuning a rakk survivability build that still has enough dps to solo the slaughtershaft and star 3000. Your issue may just be your builds, not trying to be snarky.

In matchmaking I still see Fl4k and Moze builds that seem to lack in survivability or damage but with Zane and Amara having limited diversity in the builds I run into I can see how it looks that way. It has been over a week since I’ve seen a non gangbang Zane and I have yet to see any other Amaras that has 6 points in laid bare, otherwise I wouldn’t see only fakecast.

Zane is not really lacking build diversity. He lacks mod diversity. You can play dart board with zanes skill trees (literally you can make a horrible build) and throw on Seein Dead and it is OP.


Yeah the issue isn’t what those two can do it’s just when looking at the meta an overwhelming majority of players use one or two builds.
I’m still playing around with all the cool possibilities that mod opened up.

I have tried probably 5 different flak builds and some not to bad but w all the ppl I have played w most all have said that Zane and amara are hands down better yes I would say moze might be in same area as flak but Zane and amara from what I have watched online and the ppl i have played w are much stronger than flak that I have experience w …

People also used to say Zero was bad. And that the Flakker sucked. And that you needed a bee shield for UVHM.

From the body of videos we have of each of the characters in end game content on the highest difficulty, it’s safe to say that FL4K is very well balanced against Zane and Amara. FL4K is squishier no doubt, but FL4K has damage out the a## as well.

What is the criteria people use when they say “FL4K is worse?” Does FL4K do less damage? Are they harder to use for less reward? Do they just not feel good to play?

People are certainly welcome to their opinions, but I think people are overreacting about the character tiers since Seein Dead released. FL4K definitely needs some looks over, but not for damage and survivability, as both of those are currently fair for the power level of FL4K.


I’ve seen Zane and Amara do things that Fl4k may find more challenging but that’s using 2 mods and limited weapons. People seem to forget almost all of Fl4k’s are great and they have alot of weapons they’re good with.

yea he aint meta man zane and amara will 9 times out of 10 blow him out of the water. your better offnot worrying about what other people say or think and just try to enjoy yourself. If you feel it bothers you too much don’t be afraid to switch characters.

I disagree with the general sentiment. Fl4k isn’t really uncompetitve with the other VHs. While the meta Amara/Zane builds may be stronger per se, Fl4k still has alot of builds that can compete at the highest difficulty

That said - I do feel certain aspects of Fl4k need reworking. The most obvious aspect would be the pets, which are basically anonymous at M4. But beyond that - Fl4k needs better survivability. Yes he can hold his own, but it doesn’t really make much sense that the class with 10-11 survivability skills is the one basically inseparable from Otto Idol and the 2 or 3 ‘tank’ shields in the game. Fl4k’s entire survivability setup can be outcompeted by a single skill from each or the other 3 VHs. His healing skills need to be far stronger and impactful on gameplay.

Tbh the only thing I want bugged on fl4k is his crit skills he is supposed to be a sniper but his punch from his crit buffs feels so lacking and I have three fl4ks lol meta fade away fl4k pure rakk sniper fl4k using all crit and damage skills plus anointments and other gear to boost sniping as much as possible and rad flak using gamma burst all three are fun but sniping fl4k feels off doesn’t help that snipers need a buff too