Pointless skills

Moze has some of the most useless skills in her tree, no wonder they said they took 11 months to get where she was - they were clueless how to make a mech class.

What is the point of dokka bear? Its a waste of a point.

Why is auto bear not just a turret? I would love that, would spec into it, THEN have a gun i can get on - provided it has its stats based upon what iron bear is loaded out with.

If i want 3 nukes, give me a fatboy launcher, or a railgun or whatever, the skill is useslss cos it has poor implementation like the rest of the IB skills.

Why did gearbox not playtest their game in the 7 years they made it escapes me. The fact you made normal scale well then endgame they totally gave up testing it seems.

Well I mean, just yesterday I had some dude here fight tooth and nail to prove Dakka Bear is some sort of great skill, so go figure I guess.

I imagine GBX will buff the â– â– â– â–  out Iron Bear for Mayhem, so maybe it will be decent.

My theory is that mayhem modes came later in development phase after much of other work was done.

That’s why we have these 4head obvious issues with pets/bear scaling across the board. I mean, if we take non-mayhem modes - they are pretty ok there. it’s when you start cranking up Mayhem things go off the rails fast.

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Yeah, it feels poorly designed and not tested, i agree with that, but i have hopes they are going to buff it accordingly, the problem is this…

Her action skill means your character gets replaced with a mech for a moment, so if you dont build around iron bear it seems you will still be getting a useless action skill, so im thinking the only solution for the class is to make iron bear mandatory for all builds, maybe making it more in line with each tree, like for example, if you go bottomless mags you then have a beastly moment of machingun insanity, and if you go for shield of retribution then you have a sturdy punching machine, but after all it reflects your own moze but with an added bonus provided by your skill tree choices.

What im going with this is that almost all skills need to benefit both iron bear and moze at the same time, so using it means just a better version of moze for a moment.

This isnt that hard to achieve lets say for example a perk that gives you higher magazine size, it can give iron bear less fuel consumption.

A skill that gives moze shield regen, can give iron bear the same regen.

A skill that gives you ammo and grenades back can give iron bear fuel per landed hit, or kill.

You se where im going, its meant to be a pair, not one or the other.

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Yeah, I don’t get why each skill doesn’t have a synergy at the end of the day.

Fire rate
Spalsh damage / range

Etc etc, you’re right, we should have WAAAAAAY more IB stats early on.

  • Auto bear should be a turret (absolute best decision)
  • Dokka should be a 3rd option to put on another loadout

This would go a long way to fixing issues, damage scaling is still needed, nuke needs a massive buff, I mean, who doesn’t love just walking in with 2 nuke launchers?

I played IB heavy up to MH3, the moment i stepped in I thought, wow this is so under powered… I’ve gone into a bottomless mag / SOR build now out of necessity.

Iron bear build should be one of the most fun.

  • Wanna be a mech - spec to demo woman
  • Wanna be a solider with the bear at your back - move auto bear to another tree (bottomless mag or SOR)
  • Make turret 3rd loadout option instead of piss weak machine gun

Having to jump in to jump out is a real pain in the arse.

I also find it weird that some skills become obsolete late game. Like our shield regen skill on critical kills. It gets made redundant by a better version guardian skill for 50 tokens that doesn’t require crit skills.

Even now with a lot of the changes I don’t feel like they are balancing for Mayhem 3, and not only M3, but slaughtershaft too as I feel that is the truest test of a characters worth. Killing gravy over and over proves nothing IMHO. Even at this point if they buff IB they seem to be hell bent on nerfing Moze to a degree i’m not comfortable with. They say infinite grenades wasn’t intended by yet even without the items known people made the MAIN build as soon as the skill trees dropped! Just how little did they think about or test this game tho honestly?

I don’t think dakka bear should be buffed at all, just remove or change is so a team mate can climb on the back and use their own gun. You know, like how it was in the character trailer months ago.

What’s the point of climbing on a mech to use your own guns?

Its s pointless skill

It could be buffed an offer protection. Should honestly just be standard with no skill points.