Poison Canister bug?

I finally got around to using Mellka and I really like her. She’s definitely one of my faves now. That having been said, I ran into a problem against Galilea. When Galilea has her shield up the poison canister that Mellka fires upon reloading has no effect. I figured, Well, there’s no impact damage because you’re shooting at her shield., but I thought that the canister, being a very small AoE attack as it is, would at least poison Galilea anyway. This never happened and I simply stopped attacking her while her shield was up. Later I face off against a Boldur, who has an even bigger shield, and, as a matter of fact, no impact damage when the canister was shot. In this case however, he did get poisoned by the canister’s AoE. Faced off against them both a couple of more times (this was all in the same match) and Galilea was never poisoned as long as her shield was up, but Boldur was every time.

Is this a problem with Galilea or Boldur? I’m gonna guess Galilea seeing as the canister’s poison is an AoE effect.