Pokemon Go Discussion

Anyone else playing? It’s pretty neat. Got more exercise today than I’ve gotten in months.

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I havent advanced very far though. I live in such a remote area, my internet connection cant go past my yard. After that, i get zero service.
Ive never loathed living in such solitude more than i do now…

Anyway, because of the above circumstances, i dont have the best pokemon so far.

My highest are a 139 Raticate and a 128 Pidgeotto.

Going out to town later. Ive never been more excited.

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i’m about to go walk around :smiley:

I haven’t been able to do much yet, as it’s horribly hot outside.

I have 175 eevee candies.

I’m also cheating a bit by using a gps spoofer so I can go to other counties easier.

spent half an hour looking for a doduo, a nidoran mocked me for a 3 block radius, i stepped on a cubone on the way to my first gym. who kicked my ass and then a krabby taunted me as my battery hit 3 percent and I had to shut down.

How do I turn on the camera thingy?

I think it’s called AR mode.

I dont see an option for it in settings.
I also cant seem to find a button for it.

What kind of phone do you have? I know some don’t support it. Those that do support it should have it on by default though.

When you are in the middle of trying to catch a pokemon, there should be an “ar” option in the top right corner.
Check there next time you encounter a pokemon.

A phone I made myself.
I’m too poor to afford a free phone.[quote=“Kitty_Jo, post:11, topic:1540412, full:true”]
When you are in the middle of trying to catch a pokemon, there should be an “ar” option in the top right corner.Check there next time you encounter a pokemon.

Thats weird.
I wanted to see if I could find pokemon in my freezer… The entire reason why I downloaded the app was that.

If you are here to just troll, you can leave.

That’s Bluts entire reason for being on the internet. I mean come on. Flakkers?

You really should stop assuming things about me.
I asked a serious question and I really wanted to see if there were pokemon in my freezer.

Everyone is looking for them on their crotches or on their chests.
I want to see if they are in my freezer or blender.

no, it’s not nearly so easy. I seriously put in a half hour of legwork looking for a doduo. Yes, sometimes you’ll have them pop up where ever you are when you first open the app.

There goes my dream of finding a pidgey or a rattata in a bucket of KFC…

now THEY pop up everywhere

Ok well I guess I wont delete the app yet.
I need to find both in a bucjet of KFC

best bet is to close the app out, like not even in an app drawer, go to kfc, then reopen the app. should have some pop up around you. If not, home screen and try again.