Pokemon Stuff. :)

Weird question on the Gearbox Forums, I know, but does anyone have an Arceus they don’t want. It’s the last Pokemon that I need to complete my Pokedex and I would appreciate it.

I have several Shiny Pokemon and Legendaries to trade. Including Diancie and several others! Contact me if you have one and we can work out a trade.

Or, if you’d be willing to trade and Arceus for something in a Borderlands game, I could do that too! :wink:

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Hello. I moved you to the Games and Tech section. Hope it helps you in your search.

Thank you. You wouldn’t happen to play Pokemon, would you?

We got an old Pokemon thread, here:

Been dead for a while but you can allways review it

No mate. Sorry!

Pretty much only on BL these days. Real life has caught up with my old bones.

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…and wine. :wink:

That caught up with me ages ago.

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:wine_glass: Have another on the house. :wink: