Pokémon tournament

I’m gonna make this post assuming it won’t get much interest, but I’d still like to try.

With my recent introduction to maybe my favorite competitive format in any game ever, i knew i wanted to try something.

Without further ado i introduce you to Gen 8 LC(little cup).


The basic rundown is 6v6 singles using lvl 5 Pokémon. The Pokémon must have an evolution chain and must be the 1st Pokémon in that chain. Think the starter you get in every Pokémon game for example.

The Pokémon must be normally obtainable at lvl 5, so no legendary of any type is allowed. The format has an otherwise fairly small ban list. Consisting of 16 Pokémon that would otherwise fit the rules, 2 moves, and 2 abilities. The above link fills in all details otherwise.

Now into how the tournament/playing in general works. This website allows easy access to build any team you would like and is completely free.

Games are easy to set up and can be viewed by spectators, so results would be manually tracked without worry. Also works perfectly fine on mobile.

You’d think it being limited to lvl 5 unevolved Pokémon gameplay or strategy would be limited, but in my experience it’s not at all. Since you still have access to a wide variety of moves.

Finally i would like to provide an example of a sample team(not my actual team, that’s classified).

As for team building, I’ve found the type chart and coverage moves to be just as important in this format, so I’ll include it here. Duel types get more complex, but some quick googling will answer any questions about specific Pokémon.

And last, but certainly not least if you have questions about the format or how any of this stuff works(a lot of people don’t know the indepth part of Pokémon, me partially still included) feel free to ask/discuss.

looks interesting, thanks for sharing.

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