Poker night 2 heads not working

So do these not work on Xbox? I’ve read they don’t show up on Xbox one. I had recently contacted support and got them re-credited to my account. (They were awesome about it) but they don’t see to show up on my characters. And I’ve read others on Xbox one can’t use them either. Anybody have a different experience?

According to this thread, although the Poker Night 2 skins were supposed to be patched into Handsome Collection on XB1 at the same time as they were on PS4, something went wrong. Certainly, there’s currently no mention of them in the XB1 patch notes.

All I can suggest is updating your support ticket (just reply to the last email from them) asking specifically if the heads work in Handsome Collection on XB1 and, if so, to verify the correct procedure for activating them.

Hmm. Alright I’ll try that. Thank you for the Reply. If it’s not possible then it is what it is. Gonna make my Zer0 sad tho.

Just to be sure, you played PN2 on XB1 also? Because I seem to recall that the rewards would show up in the SHiFT account linked to the same platform. (Sorry, don’t know from personal experience - I never played that game.)

I did indeed. I can see they got added in my shift logs via the “extras” tab on the borderlands 2 home screen so I got credited them. They just aren’t in my quick change

Edit: no not on Xbox one. It was a 360 game. Sorry for the confusion I didn’t read correctly lol

So you’re playing both games on 360?

No I had both on 360 and moved to handsome jack collection

On 360 I had them all

Ah, ok - make sure you let the support folks know about that as well. Also, just so you know you can edit your own posts. You’ll find lots of information about how the forum platform works here: NEW FORUM BASICS.

Ok I see that now. Thank you. I was trying to figure out the edit but didn’t work lol. Anyways thanks for the help bro. I appreciate it