Poker Night 2 Rewards

Am i the only one still having trouble with these i tried so hard to get the axton head and i cant even use it :<

I wish there were other ways to obtain these rewards… Sigh

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I know learning the AI Was hard enough alone and you cant even get the rewards its really unfortunate I even contacted support about like people said on the internet yet nothing they can really do besides look into it :frowning:

Can you not get them anymore? Or are you saying the game is bugged? These were gonna be next to get on my list.

I really wish Gearbox would give us an alternate way of obtaining these customizations in the future. Poker Night 2 isn’t even available for purchase in my country. I can’t get them from Poker Night 2 and since they’re not tradable, I simply can’t have them.

What do you mean by “cant even use it”? Is your Shift Account linked to your Steam ID, PSN ID or Xbox Live GT? Does it not appear in your Axton’s inventory in BL2, despite having won it in Poker Night 2? I assume you purchased Poker Night 2 for the same platform you purchased Borderlands 2? I am only asking this because there are people who purchased Borderlands 2 and Poker Night 2 for separate platforms, expecting to be able to use the Poker Night 2 rewards in Borderlands 2.

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Yup its linked to my GT I even checked my shift account its the same one I beat Ash And brock in poker night 2 for brock i have been waiting for about a month now i get the avatar rewards yet not the Borderlands 2 ones.

Well im not saying you cant get them it might work for you but it might take a while to get them ingame.