Polished graphics?

Hi there!

So I just checked out the new math-combination’s thingy that GBX has released, and I saw that the characters are way sharper and deeper than they were on the E3 gameplay. Can we expect to see improvements from those aspects, or that will be the maximum polishing level?

http://prntscr.com/8lfeiy - That’s what I’m talking about.

All in all, BB looks really cool and I’m hoping that I’ll get the chance to play the beta :blush:

I am curious though to know as well if the in game graphics are really that clean and crisp.

Just a theory, but some of the character models/textures used to make those images probably did not come directly from the game, but were exported from whatever modeler tool they used directly to whatever Adobe product they used to make the infographics. If the textures in the modeler are 4K+ resolution or more, you will get some nice looking images. Some of the ones with backgrounds may be screenshots. Really doubt the E3 Demo or the demo I played at PAX was running at 4K. The action was so frantic I didn’t have time to stare and appreciate.

Getting the same feeling, partially because everything/everyone looks like having a layer of gloss.

Yeah, that what I had in mind, too. Well, I’m really hoping for GBX to give us that level of textures in game, maybe some more lightning’s and that will be just gorgeous. Although I’m really curious to see the final fov of the consoles version, because in there site there were some images with a slightly higher fov, like those: