Political Discussion Thread II

If flights are reduced enough, they could technically separate the terminals at LHR into red/amber/green. Again, it would mean moving airline staff around a bit, but there’s no reason why passengers arriving at terminal 1 have to mix with those arriving at terminal 2 if you implement procedures correctly. Then, as you say, passengers arrive, go through passport control and a quick medical check, and directly on to the bus to the quarantine shangri-la.

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Did we just solve this for them in 10 minutes? Lets go ring Bojo and sell him our plan VH. Everyone has his mobile number. (Did you guys see that recently? the PM of our country has had his mobile phone number on a public website since 2006. Leading to people wondering if all kinds of spooks have been hacking him for years doh!)


Well done! Could you solve climate change next? I need a definite answer in 30 minutes… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Though our local constitutional court just made clear what it thinks of our politicians’ lack of action:

The Constitutional Court is giving the government until the end of next year to set clearer targets for reducing greenhouse emissions starting in 2031, calling the current provisions “incompatible with fundamental rights” because they lack specificity and “irreversibly offload major emission reduction burdens” onto the next decade and beyond.

“These future obligations to reduce emissions have an impact on practically every type of freedom because virtually all aspects of human life still involve the emission of greenhouse gases and are thus potentially threatened by drastic restrictions after 2030,” the court said in a statement. “Therefore, the legislator should have taken precautionary steps to mitigate these major burdens in order to safeguard the freedom guaranteed by fundamental rights.”


Long version, still worth reading:



A recent study showed that over 95% of our greenhouse gasses are thought to come from one source. Yeti farts. So if we can just kindly ask @paulothead to pop a cork in it, we can drastically reduce emissions to a point we need no further action. So yeah the answer to climate change was staring us in the face the whole time. Yeti corks.

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Anyone else find this photo somewhat ironic?

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 12.46.19 PM

That’s “PB” for “Proud Boys”, and the photo is from this article. “Uhuru” is a Swahili word…


….for freedom. Bide up fi Africa Proud Boy!

Your link is for the home page VH.

(Side note - I saw Black Uhuru with Sly and Robbie in around ‘83. They opened for King Sunny Ade. That’ll change a 12 year-old’s life)


:+1: and fixed.


I was gonna say that a fine of millions of dollars might drive the average person to commit suicide, but that raises legal, and possibly First Amendment, suicide issues I’ve been contemplating.

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I’m not going to be paying taxes! Thanks Joe!

…wait, huh?


Well, I missed this. It seems… mildly hilarious.

Some highlights-

US Senator Ted Cruz is facing ridicule for writing a surprisingly candid newspaper column, which one government ethics expert called “the most openly corrupt thing any Senator has said.”

After a number of corporations objected to Georgia’s restrictive new voting law, Mr Cruz took to The Wall Street Journal to vent his fury. He and other Republicans, he pledged, will not do inappropriate favors in exchange for corporate money… “this time.”

“This time, we won’t look the other way on Coca-Cola’s $12 billion in back taxes owed,” Mr Cruz wrote in an op-ed titled Your Woke Money Is No Good Here . “This time, when Major League Baseball lobbies to preserve its multibillion-dollar antitrust exception, we’ll say no thank you.”

Another Twitter user put it more succinctly:

“Announcing you will no longer take bribes isn’t the defense you think it is.”

As his op-ed progressed, Mr Cruz dug his hole deeper. While promising not to accept corporate money – from now on – he quantified exactly how much he’d accepted in the past.

“In my nine years in the Senate, I’ve received $2.6 million in contributions from corporate political-action committees,” he wrote. “Starting today, I no longer accept money from any corporate PAC. I urge my GOP colleagues at all levels to do the same.”

“When the time comes that you need help with a tax break or a regulatory change, I hope the Democrats take your calls, because we may not,” he scolded. “Starting today, we won’t take your money either.”

… Y’know… sometimes… life just gives you a gift…


Well… it’s not like our politicians get rich from their day jobs, amirite?



To quote from Madagascar, “You bit the hand, Ted. You bit the hand!”


I think I’ve been on this soap box before, but this is partially why it’s not a bad idea for (some) of the salary increases to congress to go through.

Well that, and probably a lot more importantly, finance and campaign reform, but the first part quite a bit too.

This ■■■■■■■ “donation” system we have does nothing but set up things exactly like this, and it’d help if senators didn’t have to spend half their time on the phones cold calling big donors, and would have the added benefit of turning our political season from a year long event to a tight “month and a half” like canda’s.

Also we wouldn’t have multi billion dollar elections.

I’d like to think that people on both sides of the aisle would agree that that’s way too much to spend on ORANGE MAN VS NOT-SO-PROGRESSIVE PAWPAW.

The main thing on the politician salary is to guard against more personal bribes cause, y’know. Honestly…

There’s a reason when you’re getting a security clearance, your salary and outstanding debt gets taken into account.

I promise, it’s not because they think your ■■■■■■■ bank is gonna sell the secrets you’ll have access to…


That is based on the assumption that politicians think: ‘Nah, I’m rich enough. Keep your bribes’.

Somehow I don’t see that strategy really working. Sorry, mate.

Yes to the reform part.

This time meaning for the next two days? When the ‘next time’ comes around everything will be back to normal, meaning the Banana Republicans will be as corrupt as ever. The current posturing doesn’t suit them.

And the ‘honourable’ Mr. Cruz (whose state was basically too corrupt to winterproof their power grid, not that this meant a problem for Cancun Teddy) has a quite peculiar mindset anyway:

I can understand that he didn’t like a book that characterized him like this: “There is nothing more dangerous than a reckless ■■■■■■■ who thinks he is smarter than everyone else.”

Though not only announcing to burn it, but to beg for donations to watch him either burn it, shoot it or take a chainsaw to it requires a special mind. And by ‘special’ I mean that of a dimwit who thinks the 1933 book burning were something worth imitating.

Pic and quote from:

But, there is a party where those people can rally round the fire and bask in the warm glow of books GOP members didn’t like. Glory!


I hadn’t realised things were this bad in the US:

I bet the numbers look very different if you stratify the US data by gross income or net worth. Especially given that the top three differences between US and EU turn out to be:

  • Deaths by drug overdose
  • Proportion of obese adults (40% in the US :open_mouth: )
  • Lack of universal health care

The corporate fixation with cutting costs and boosting profits is quite likely a strong driver too:

It seems likely that the pandemic has only exaggerated that already existing trend. Not good. Remind me again how Republicans were planning to fix all this - Reaganomics, was it?


There are several vicious cycles at work and the States is by no means the only one, but diet is the beginning and end. If that number are obese, then there are likely as many as that that are merely overweight. Plus there are many people who aren’t obese who still have terrible markers because of poor diet. So heart disease and diabetes galore. So medical debt. More poverty. More poor diet.

In some cases it’s simply because real food isn’t available. Coke is cheaper than water for example. There are something like five times as many fast food outlets as grocery stores in the States.

Canada isn’t much better. Mexico and Chile have had their own health/diet crises to deal with.




Well, if it’s making fun of old people day…

Why do Americans die earlier than Europeans?

“America first.”
– Donald Trump


Laugh at old people day continues:

WTF? Not only the Biden’s look like they are giants compared to the Carter’s but what’s going on with Jimmy’s feet? :joy:.

Also, have you noticed there is no rhyme or reason with Joe’s mask etiquette. One mask, double up on mask, no mask, loses mask.


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