Political Discussion Thread II

Cynic that I am, I just wonder which of the classic moronic reactions of Banana Republicans and NRA will set in now…

The girl “retrieved a handgun from her backpack, fired multiple rounds inside of the school and out,” said Jefferson County Sheriff Steve Anderson, adding that the girl was from the nearby city of Idaho Falls.

Now, what will it be?

  • It wouldn’t have happened if the other pupils also had guns.
  • It wouldn’t have happened if the teachers were armed with guns.
  • The wounded folks were actors paid by the left-wing anti-gun (how does Mick tend to put it? Ah yes:) Dementia Joe.
  • It’s all a false flag Antifa operation.
  • It’s all a false flag anti-gun rights operation.
  • It’s fake news.
  • It’s not exactly great, but surely no reason to curtail the ‘god-given’ gun rights.

And of course there’s going to be a lot of talk about ‘thoughts and prayers’ but no intention to change anything.

I am thoroughly sick of it, but if there’s no will to draw consequences then it’ll just stay the same.

Tell me Americans, how many injured or dead kids will it take for you to start thinking?


Sacha Baron Cohen warned them this is what was needed

That video is still one of the most hilariously horrifying looks into the mind of the pro gun guys.

The line while discussing the pilot program he ran in Israel to arm toddlers is just Sacha Baron Cohen at his absolute best.

‘My son was part of the pilot program. May he rest in peace. He died doing what I loved.’ and it of course sails right over the oblivious morons head he is talking to.


Semi related, there was a local 12 year old girl who yesterday died of a heroin overdose. She’d been doing meth and heroin for the past year or so.

Beyond the tragedy, the most stupefying thing is, like the above girl with her gun acquisition
, where the hell did a child get heroin?!? Who the hell would be so scummy as to sell junk to a child?


It’s actually a common problem with the war on drugs - the traditional example is that it’s been easier for kids to get marijuana than beer for years, since they didn’t have to go through an actual retailer with rules.


I’m guessing this guy’s lawyer figured it was probably worth a try:

Somehow I doubt it will fly, but, if it does - or even the fact that it’s being attempted - might complicate things for Fox in the lawsuits from the two voting machine companies.

Meanwhile, in the "He did WHAT?!?! category:



From recollection, precedent is that ‘no reasonable person’ would believe Fox news. Or more specifically Tucker Carlson if I remember the case right. So very good chance it goes nowhere.

A guy named “Anthony Antonio”…

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Because Anthony Antoine Antony Tony Toni Toné Anton Antoinio was just a bit much.


Tony, or not Tony…that is the question.


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It’s the American way…

Last month, Biden took a virtual tour of Proterra, a company Granholm holds millions of dollars in vested stock options in and previously sat on the board of. During the tour Biden praised employees and the CEO for their work in the electric vehicle space.

Hmm… Seems someone slipped up on their due diligence there. Or no-one cared? Not that the previous administration has anything to gloat about either - they were positively rolling in all the pork scratchings.

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Yeah, sure. But that was the old GOP. Nowadays they don’t like CEOs anymore and even Ted Cruz won’t take their bribes ‘this time’. Neither do they like corporations.

Who spouted the following quote, Leon Trotsky or Josh Hawley?

In this moment of crisis, our country needs us to take a stand . . . to stand up and to say, “We will not be ruled by giant corporations and the liberal elite. We will not be told what to do by these modern-day oligarchs.” What we need is a new nationalism, a new agenda to make the rule of the people real in this country and give the people America back. Give it back to them! Give it back to you! No more rule by oligarchs. Rule by the people, that’s what we’ve got to do. And I can tell you how I would start. I would start by breaking up the Big Tech corporations. Just break ’em up. Break them up in the name of the rule of the people. For the good of the American people and our liberty, we need to break those corporations up and cut them down to size.

Power to the people, I guess…

Nikita Khrushchev or Marco Rubio?

But lawmakers who have been asleep at the wheel for too long, especially within my own party, need to wake up. America’s laws should keep our nation’s corporations firmly ordered to our national common good.

Entreprenurial freedom anyone? Not with the new Banana Republicans…

Last one, Mikhail Bakunin or Rick Scott?

Let me give you woke corporate leaders a heads-up: Everybody can see the game you are playing. Everybody can see your lies. You are the naked emperor.

You are, in fact, morally inferior to the working men and women of this great country, who are not racist people, and who, unlike you, care about truth.

And here is another bit of news for you: There is a massive backlash coming. You will rue the day when it hits you. That day is November 8, 2022. That is the day Republicans will take back the Senate and the House. It will be a day of reckoning.

Your latest attempts to hurt Georgia’s economy will help us do something that is long overdue – make corporate welfare a thing of the past. There will be no number of well-connected lobbyists you can hire to save you. There will be no amount of donations you can make that will save you. There will be nowhere for you to hide.

Capitalists beware!!!

Quote from:

The current Banana Republicans don’t waste time on virtue signalling. They’re too busy with their protection money racket…

Hawley and the rest of the anti-woke crusaders are saying that corporate America must heed their “values” or get smashed. Just like Hawley’s rioters smashed up the Capitol when the Democrats didn’t agree with their “values” about “election integrity.”

It’s all the same brute idea. Comply with my party, or get the fist. Forceful overthrow is what populism is, and always had been, about.

Quotes from:


As an aside…

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Lol. One of my favorite “White” comedians.

On-point analysis. And Tucker Carlson is very clearly not a libertarian…

Also, “anti-Karen laws” - heh.

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I thought that Legaleagle guy looks familiar…



Legal Eagle: “Following the King Of Karen’s Advice May Get You In Serious Legal Trouble!”

Conservative Voice: “His hairdo reminds me of a comic figure.”

So much for looking at the content instead of the surface…

Though looking at this from a German law viewpoint, over here you wouldn’t necessarily go to jail and definitely not for a first offense of that type, but:

Whoever, despite knowing better and with the intention that official proceedings or other official measures be brought or be continued against another before an authority, falsely accuses another before an authority or a public official competent to receive criminal reports or a military superior, or publicly, of having committed an unlawful act or a breach of an official duty incurs a penalty of imprisonment not exceeding five years or a fine.

Penal code, section 164.

If you waste the police’s time with false accusations because some talking head moron told you to, you will get serious trouble.

Tucker Carlson may not know it, but real policemen have more important things to do than to be pawns in the GOP’s mask-wearing culture war charade.

“Call the police multiple times”, Tucker says. Leave your neighbour’s kids alone, I say.

Edit: If you want to see a little more of the new Rep reality…