Political Discussion Thread II

What, did you miss the subtle intricacies of Rand Paul trying to “get” Anthony Fauci during those PR sessions Paul uses to try an stay on TV?

To quote the one Kentucky native I know on these forums:

Rand paul is a ■■■■■■■ moron

Followed by:

I wouldn’t worry about him ever moving up the government ladder, almost all of Kentucky knows he’s stupid as hell

That the US researches a virus type with multiple outbreaks in Asia is reasonable, especially considering the possibility of a pandemic was something that was in the cards for years. It just doesn’t have that sonorous ring of “NIH financed Chinese Bioweapons”.

But to leave the honourable Mr. Paul to his machinations for a moment, on Covid origins this may be a factor that wasn’t touted so much:

And this is interesting. Sadly, I didn’t find a translation of the whole thing:


At this point, regardless what happened I suspect we’re going to be finding out quite a bit about the pandemic - which is actually important. Research like this is difficult to conduct during one (see historical inaccuracy of death counts during a pandemic). Which is one thing I’m personally interested in. I don’t think we probably undercounted as much as we have historically, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we significantly underestimated the deathtoll.

Well, I have no idea what you mean and am therefore assuming you’re requesting a mocking reminder of your own mortality. Happy birthday!


$76,000 doesn’t seem like very much money - and this is enough to ‘buy’ the NIH access to their research so we - the US - can have a heads up on what might be coming along?

Hmm. Maybe I’m a paranoid crank, but somehow that rings a bit hollow. Like maybe there’s more than what’s being reported? Shocking to read this from me, I’m sure.


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Probably not. First off, we’re talking China levels of salary compensation here, not N. American. And even then, the RAs who’re undoubtedly doing the bulk of the work are not getting that much of a salary. For comparison:

And that’s after a minimum six years of graduate school on top of a four-year degree (with associated debt). The people doing the field work are almost certainly not postdocs though. You’re looking at folks starting at around $20-25k USD and moving up depending on qualifications and experience, reduced by whatever the discount on local Chinese labour is.

Second, NIH grant application forms are incredibly detailed, the receiving institution has to take steps to pre-allocate all the funds into the relevant categories so they can’t be misappropriated, and exact spending has to be included in regular digests back to NIH, who can also send in the auditors. Research institutions actually have full time people just to manage research grant funds and reporting requirements. It’s like when climate denialists look at the size of the grants folks like Michael Mann get and accuse him of getting rich off his research at the public’s expense - simply not happening, as there’s too much interest in making sure every last cent is properly accounted for (since future Institutional, not just individual researcher, funding could be in jeopardy). My understanding is that things can be a bit more loosey-goosey on the social sciences side of things, but they don’t get anywhere near the same level of funding.

No-one’s perfect. I think he’s being too Rand-om on this one.


Why is she laughing?

“I care what’s happening at the border” as she shakes her head “no”.

Seen from the outside, it seems to me that the definition of ‘crisis’ hinges mainly on the question of who’s in the oval office at a given time.

In other words:

Reps during Trump presidency:

Children are safe in cages.

Reps during Biden presidency:

It’s inhuman and horrible to put children in cages

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It’s always been a ‘crisis’. But:

^ I wonder how many of those were Mexicans? From the headlines I’ve read recently, the drug cartels have basically gone rampant the last little while. News isn’t great in Brazil either, and even less so in Central American countries.

In short: I don’t think it would matter who was in the WH right now - illegal migration from the south is driven way more by the extreme conditions where people are coming from than anything else. To paraphrase, “Never try to deter people who have nothing left to lose”.


I’m… frankly not that concerned on this? I think people forget that a couple decades ago we were looking at crossings a full digit higher per year, this surge would have to last past the seasonal jump for it reach that kind of level. I am somewhat concerned about the difficulty in reuniting children with families, but frankly I also don’t see much else they could do it about it while reuniting them. All in all though I simply don’t focus much on illegal immigration, or to put it another way I’m not sure it’d enter my top ten national domestic concerns at all.

Albeit all this said I’m probably the closest anyone gets to actually being an open border supporter. So I have very different priorities than most Americans, who are reportedly obsessed with the border by and large.


I just wanna know your name. Then it’s come on in.

Re: China. Personally, I’m dubious about giving money to their viral institutes considering their behavior and ass-covering at the beginning (and all throughout really). Basically… ■■■■ that ■■■■ is my position. If others disagree, that’s cool - lobby yo own gubmints to give them their $76k and then we’ll piggyback off of that research, develop vaccines and save the mothafucking world again, ggggggyeah!

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Well, it’s looking increasingly like Canada was trying to do something like that, but there is a growing suspicion it may not have gone according to plan. This story has been dragging on and on for a while now, still with no end in sight:

The more I read about this particular situation, the more it smells bad…


I mean… if it’s a choice - and it’s NOT, but lets presume it is for arguments’ sake. Which is worse: spending billions of our own dollars vs buying Chinese research access with less than $80k?

The answer ain’t exactly rocket surgery. And that’s coming from ME. One who’s starting position is



I figured you’d like this Mike, and we have few enough feel good articles in here anyways.


The libertarian revolution slowly continues.


I mean, I could have posted this in the “Learn Something New Everyday” thread, but I rather chose to politicize this issue.

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“After scans showed ONLY 8” Only 8 ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ babies?! I feel like the ‘only’ should’ve been replaced with some expletives.

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Decuplets are probably on par with the world record for multiple births. Get lots of diapers and a large apartment would be my advice…

Meanwhile, influencing the next election, Banana Republican Style:

But many others whose lives have been threatened were low- or mid-level workers, just doing their jobs. Trump’s incendiary rhetoric could reverberate into the 2022 midterm congressional elections and the 2024 presidential vote by making election workers targets of threatened or actual violence. Many election offices will lose critical employees with years or decades of experience, predicts David Becker, executive director of the nonpartisan Center for Election Innovation and Research.

Jones said callers left him death threats, including one shortly after the November election who called him a “n-----” who should be shot. Another threatened to kill him by dragging his body around with a truck. “It was unbelievable: your life being threatened just because you’re doing your job,” he said.

I don’t hear the party of Law and Order stopping their base on this. But I am sure they’ll brabble about their thoughts and prayers when one of the idiots actually makes their threats real.


Makes one wonder if this is a significant increase in the usual amount of death threats, or if this is just Americans being ■■■■■■■ crazy. Don’t ■■■■ with us - or we’ll threaten your jobs and LIVES!


If this IS an increase over what assumes is the normal amount of crazy, another data point in the continuing disintegration.

Needs more libertarianism, less deathly partisanship.