Political Discussion Thread II

Decuplets are probably on par with the world record for multiple births. Get lots of diapers and a large apartment would be my advice…

Meanwhile, influencing the next election, Banana Republican Style:

But many others whose lives have been threatened were low- or mid-level workers, just doing their jobs. Trump’s incendiary rhetoric could reverberate into the 2022 midterm congressional elections and the 2024 presidential vote by making election workers targets of threatened or actual violence. Many election offices will lose critical employees with years or decades of experience, predicts David Becker, executive director of the nonpartisan Center for Election Innovation and Research.

Jones said callers left him death threats, including one shortly after the November election who called him a “n-----” who should be shot. Another threatened to kill him by dragging his body around with a truck. “It was unbelievable: your life being threatened just because you’re doing your job,” he said.

I don’t hear the party of Law and Order stopping their base on this. But I am sure they’ll brabble about their thoughts and prayers when one of the idiots actually makes their threats real.


Makes one wonder if this is a significant increase in the usual amount of death threats, or if this is just Americans being ■■■■■■■ crazy. Don’t ■■■■ with us - or we’ll threaten your jobs and LIVES!


If this IS an increase over what assumes is the normal amount of crazy, another data point in the continuing disintegration.

Needs more libertarianism, less deathly partisanship.


Good point you’re wondering about. The article gives no numbers, so it’s not totally clear whether this death threat surge is a change in quality, quantity or both.

What is new, from how I read it, is that low-level election workers are getting threats. As it’s stated at the beginning, for politicians around the level of governor or secretary of state, threats are part of the job. There will always be someone who hates your latest decision. But the little guys who just count votes being targets is a new and slightly disturbing thing.

Honestly, that stuff could make someone working there voluntarily for little or no pay rethink their decision to help when the next election comes around.


I suspect it’s part and parcel of the (un)social media phenomenon. Some people may well have been upset enough in the past to rage about election workers - even local ones. With social media, it’s become a lot easier to find information on other people (including where they live and their phone number), and much much easier to send threats in the heat of the moment thinking that they are somehow anonymous.

Having said that, it really doesn’t help when certain politicians start throwing around terms like ‘theft’ and ‘traitor’ just because they didn’t like the outcome of an election. And the more that is allowed to stand and gets repeated, the more it becomes normalized behaviour.

Needs more basic human decency and empathy first. We can discuss whether or not libertarianism is the answer only when folks stop attacking one another.


It isn’t a number I normally think would be tracked, but anecdotally it’s not something I recall hearing occur prior to this - including while my state had our secretary of state from the party opposite our relative partisanship (he was actually relatively popular crazily enough - well popular for someone most people couldn’t name).

Honestly, I do think this is a modern phenomenon, but I will note I’m not entirely sure if it’s purely one in the field of politics. If you look at say, journalists and the like, the last decade has seen the professional go from one relatively safe in American to one that experiences such things regularly. I think at this point it may be a mostly cultural phenomenon, an indication of degradation of social fabric. Now if you’re asking if it originated in politics (or more specifically political media), I’d think you probably had more of a point.


Lawyers do have a reputation for greed and amorality, but this one is stupid enough to embarrass lawyers everywhere:

Powell: Dominion and Smartmatic changed millions of votes!!! Fraud!!! MAGA

Dominion: Have a defamation suit

Powell: What I said was so wacky, no reasonable person would consider it a statement of facts.

A rather weak try to get the defamation lawsuits go away, that she now torpedoed by this:

But now Powell is saying she will defeat Dominion’s lawsuit by showing “what really happened”—i.e., by proving the truth of her claims. “We meant what we said, and we have the evidence to back it up” is impossible to reconcile with the position that Powell was not making statements of fact.

So the claims that are too weird to be considered facts by any reasonable person will now be proven? Not holding my breath over here, to be honest. Last time she and Rudy promised a ‘firehosenof evidence’. That obviously never materialised outside the MAGA minds, but please go ahead, bring out the evidence…


Honestly, I don’t particularly care about that - frankly, I don’t think the results will be sufficient to discourage future frivolous lawsuits even about elections (for that to happen, the results would need to discourage basically everyone involved in the behavior). No, but something else similar does bother me. The DoJ defending Lafayette Square. They’re now claiming that this had nothing to do with defending Trump, all while presenting a court argument that argues for a vast extension of the presidential defense authority.

So basically they aren’t sure why exactly they teargassed those people (though they finally admitted they did - funny I’d have thought the videos sufficient), but they still want you to extend government authority to do so.


German to English translation : “liar liar pants on fire”


That typo is too funny to edit it out.

It shall remain.



Netanyahu is out but seems like he’ll remain opposition despite his still ongoing corruption investigation.

This power sharing coalition seems bizarre though. Ultra right nationalist paired with centrist, left and Arab parties. I think they’ll spend more time infighting than dealing with opposition.

And speaking of death threats, it’s sooooo de rigeur.

And in regards the whole social media deal discussed earlier, I think it’s safe to say that it’s, ironically, dehumanized society rather than forging new hitherto unknown connections.


I thought the same, but the coverage I’ve read has argued that they’re likely to be more stable than they appear due to the nature and intents of the coalition. We’ll see though.


hahahaa :rofl:


“We found that the USPP had the authority and discretion to clear Lafayette Park and the surrounding areas on June 1. The evidence we obtained did not support a finding that the USPP cleared the park to allow the President to survey the damage and walk to St. John’s Church. Instead, the evidence we reviewed showed that the USPP cleared the park to allow the contractor to safely install the antiscale fencing in response to destruction of property and injury to officers occurring on May 30 and 31. Further, the evidence showed that the USPP did not know about the President’s potential movement until mid- to late afternoon on June 1—hours after it had begun developing its operational plan and the fencing contractor had arrived in the park.“

The USPP Did Not Use CS Gas on June 1, 2020, But The MPD Did.”

”We found no evidence that the USPP and the law enforcement entities operating under the unified command deployed CS gas during the clearing of Lafayette Park and H Street on June 1. Witnesses testified before the House Committee on Natural Resources that they could smell and feel “tear gas” during the operation to clear Lafayette Park. One witness testified and news reports indicated that spent “tear gas” canisters were also found at the scene.38 When we interviewed the witness—a DCNG major—he acknowledged the canisters could have been smoke and further stated that his USPP liaison officer told him the USPP deployed smoke on
H Street and did not use CS gas. In addition to this information and other documentary evidence, the USPP SWAT commander told us that the USPP SWAT team did not use the types of CS and OC canisters found at the scene and that USPP SWAT officers were not equipped with the launchers necessary to deploy these canisters. Furthermore, the USPP incident commander did not authorize CS gas for this operation, and thus, as the evidence showed, most USPP officers were not prepared for its use.”

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Indeed - Garland’s been a disappointment. The contrast between this and the claims in court in regards to presidential defense authority are clear. Either the DoJ is lying in court, or the groups testifying on this are (or both given some details as far as prior statements).

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We’ve been through this before. There are many things besides CS gas that are lachrymatory agents. They are all functionally ‘tear gas’, regardless of what’s on the label and what the contents are. Nitpicking over trade names doesn’t change what these crowd dispersal agents do, or the fact that they are chemical weapons.


Succinctly, their claim is that the MPD rather than the USPP used the gas. Albeit from recollection there may have been other types of canisters in there, you’re right. And a number of statements on this have later been proven untrue, so… no real comment on how trustworthy I’d rate this.


I remember people shooting into campaign offices as far back as 2004. Sadly, this does not appear to be a new phenomenon.

@VaultHunter101 libertarianism IS human decency. NAP, bruh. NAP.

And OMG - has anyone seen Jon Stewart on Colbert?? Dude - I miss JS so hard. He’s one of those political comedians that’s genuinely hilarious even when you disagree. Love that man.



Which is why I don’t do either FB or Twitter.


And of course they have the comments section open for the story. 8000+ comments of rational thought, rabid non sequiturs, left/right battles, Freedom fighters, etc.

I think that most recent comment that just happen to come up as I was taking the screenshot wraps it up nicely.

“After today some of us will have to be back under a different name.”