Political Discussion Thread II

Can’t answer that, but it for sure is pretty great. :+1:

It’s this fascinating new world way of focusing on a single fact or technicality to create a little deniability. As in:

“No, of course we didn’t use [insert brand x] gas, containing [insert ingredient y] to clear Lafayette Square. How could you say that about us, you evil person?!?!”

Left out: “We used another brand”

Or the classic:

“I got more votes in the election than any incumbent ever. How can I have lost?”

Left out: “The other guy got a few million more votes than me.”

The nitpicking and pearl-clutching deflections is simply what is left when the whole act can’t be denied due to it being on every news channel excluding FOX.

It’s a bit like the husband being caught in flagrante delicto with parts of his anatomy inside the babysitter going: “Now honey, this is not what it looks like…” Cue roughly 700 jokes here.

To get a little more serious again, what irks me is that it took a year to find an excuse that the square wasn’t cleared because the election loser wanted a photo for the evangelists.

It would have been easy to state clearly on the same day as clearing the park that it was ordered to allow the erection of more barriers. Fascinating enough, no part of the USPP or the MPD came forth to set the record straight, which they could have done instantly.


“Maybe it’s the ■■■■■■■ chocolate factory?!” :laughing::rofl:


You know what the problem is with social media? You don’t know who threw the first stone. It’s very reactionary, but you really can’t tell who got out of line first. Yes, you see a lot of nastiness from both sides of any given argument, but the principle of “you can’t fight against a barrage of stones with nice words” means that whoever took the first hit had to fire back in kind, it continues infinitely down the line, and it’s difficult to see where the breakdown of discourse first occurred. Basically, social media isn’t inherently bad, but people are sh*t and use it irresponsibly, which has brought us to a point where escalation is the order of the day. And because of its ubiquity we’re seeing the first steps completely skipped even without the protective barriers of screen and bandwidth. Multiplied by the amplification of subjective perception making facts flexible, it really is both the spark and the tinder.

TL;DR: people suck harder than a Dyson vacuum on crystal meth, and it makes it difficult to maintain the vacuum that makes the social media companies the only culpable parties. Yes they’re problematic, but only because people get up each morning and choose violence.


You’re so wrong it hurts. Only a filthy Democrat would prefer a Dyson!!!11


I prefer the Shark vacuum we got when I moved in with the Mrs. That baby sucks real good. Be leaving hickeys on the carpets and everything.

But seriously, the trend in society at large to put all the blame on outside influences is very distressing to me. There is certainly enough blame for us all to accept our culpability in the current manure fueled dumpster fire we ignited and now spend so much of our time complaining about.


Bad cop! Bad cop! What ya gonna do?
Find another force that will re-hire you.

That last one is a real eyebrow raiser… Makes you wonder how much could have been avoided if regulations had been in place to keep this bottom X% out of the hiring pool. Although I suppose they’d then likely have moved on to become private security contractors.


"St Ann police department staff; police officers, dispatchers, and corrections officers, go through a thorough and rigorous hiring process that is fair, but strict, so that we are employing the best people while following all Missouri and federal guidelines” it said

“It” being a report by the St Ann police department… Less than convincing, I’d say.

And then there’s this one:


"But he apparently needn’t worry about ever losing his job. As he once told a teenager: “I am the law. If I feel like it right now, I can ■■■■ you up, and no one will say anything about it.”

He’s been fired for the seventh time recently, but it’s open whether that’ll stick.

Yes, most cops aren’t bad, I know, but protecting that one doesn’t make one a good cop.


Honestly in regards to the social media conversation I think to a large degree there are ways people could behave better (even if they insisted on using it, and still ran into others misbehaving), but well the simplest of them is very counter intuitive to the human mindset.

More succinctly, don’t feed the trolls.


It’s a lens, a filter of human behaviour. All those visual and auditory cues that force one to adapt when conversing, usually with increased compassion or empathy, are edited out.

I work with a guy that I’m sure I’d want to hunt down and strangle if I only knew him online. But guess what? He’s a real actual human with a kaleidoscope of personality traits, many of which are more than enough to compensate for his dubious politics.


Probably not much new to most people browsing here, but it does take a look at some ways America’s system differs from other countries and why it might be driving such intense negative partisanship.


I can’t even explain to y’all how effed up St. Louis City and County policing are. There’s good agencies… and then there’s not. NOT.

@Jefe :eyes:

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Believe it or not, not satire


One word: Florida.

It must be something in the air/water (aren’t those essentially synonymous down there?)

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It’s unclear exactly why Braddock has such dislike toward Luna.


Perhaps because he’s a greasy WASP who got spurned by the hot Latina after he offered her a seat on his lap.

In other news….

An agency set up to oversee the voluminous files of communist East Germany’s secret police, the Stasi, has wrapped up its work after nearly three decades.
The files on Thursday became the responsibility of Germany’s Federal Archives, headquartered in the western city of Koblenz, which also took over the agency’s roughly 1,300 employees.

Thirty years to catalog forty years of activity. Insanity.

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Didn’t even know this appeal was a thing until now:

Anyone know how that split actually went?

Sorry, the only one I clicked through today was the case on foreign suits against slavery in supply chains (which was interesting less for precedent directly, and more for auxiliary precedents as far as corporations). That said, no shock on the result, there’s not really much will on Republicans sides to do that, and with Roberts earlier ruling on this there’s little to focus on.

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-send mob-

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New Tulsi.


Found it:

Seems a little disingenuous, given this statement from the majority opinion:

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