Political Discussion Thread II

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I feel like I should recognise that movie. Bit I don’t. A stab in the torch-lit dark - some version of Frankenstein? Although it looks too American for that.

This was an interesting read (paging @stocky !)

Growing up in SE London, the idea of a place like Chesham & Amersham voting anything other than Tory Blue would have been completely unthinkable. Same for some of the other places mentioned in the article - Canterbury?!?!

The next few election cycles are going to be interesting, to say they least.


A classic lab leak :rofl:


I think this is a more appropriate ‘lab leak’ image for the politics thread:


Of course, ICBW…


I get it. But I also see:

Dog owner=politicians


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I bet the “curb” likes it. Is the dog RUSSIAN?!

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I think you need to get your eyesight tested… :eyeglasses:

And off we go again.

So, arrest Mother Nature then? I mean, some folks have been trying for a while.


From the Guardian article:

Sars reached humans from bats via civets and raccoon dogs, and a path via an intermediate host – perhaps an animal sold at the Huanan market – is also considered most likely for Sars-CoV-2, though it is possible that it jumped directly from bats. By the time the WHO investigators inspected the market in January, it had already been closed for several weeks, but a paper published last week confirmed earlier reports that wild and farmed live animals were on sale there immediately before the pandemic.

That theory is also held as the currently most probable by a number of German scientists, including the one who created the first test back in January.

While the lab leak/bioweapon theory has more political dynamite potential, the point that SARS is known to do the species jump should not be overlooked. Why shouldn’t SARS-Covid be able to do the same.

Another point is that there aren’t just wet markets in Wuhan, but a rather large fur industry in which raccoon dogs and civets get their pelts torn off while still alive. By human workers…

And no, those animals don’t hold their breath and suffer that in silence (which is perfectly understandable, by the way). So death screams create aerosols for the fur industry workers to breathe in and suddenly it’s rather complicated to reason that of course there’s no chance of infection there.

Another point about this (which took one of our top researchers by surprise) is that there are no studies about the industry. None. And it’s not like China is scrambling to get some studies under way.

That won’t help. The R space is in the mind and just seeing something (like an insurrection attempt) with one’s own eyes doesn’t change anything. And a reality check won’t happen, because the evil thing are all stated by the WOKE FAR-LEFT FAKE NEWS MEDIA and the WOKE FAR-LEFT EXTREMIST DEMS THAT WANT TO DESTROY MURICA.

While Europe watches and scratches it’s figurative heads in disbelief. :man_shrugging:

Edit: Did I mention WOKE and FAR-LEFT enough?

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I think Rumsfeld summed up justifying political aggression nicely

The lack of WMD evidence didn’t stop his ongoing Iraq offensive so why should a lack of forensic evidence stop the Chinese lab offensive? Because Rumsfeld’s logic is impenetrable, that’s why /s.


I saw several articles last week about US politicians complaining that Trudeau has extended the border closure to the end of July. I think I know why he did that:

The problem from the Canadian Federal side is this:

  • There are obvious disparities in vaccination rates across the US
  • There is no agreed upon vaccination ‘passport’
  • Even if someone shows a vaccination certificate at the border, how are Canadian officials supposed to know if it’s genuine if it was issued locally in the US?

There’s been some sabre rattling to the effect that the US should unilaterally open the border, but I don’t see how that could work - if the border is closed on the Canadian side to visitors from the US, that just means a tailback forming while folks argue and then turn around.

Glad I don’t work in Canadian Customs…

Edit to add:

A bit more detail there. Looks like the Canadian Feds are moving to a ‘proof of full vaccination’ protocol for international travel from/to Canada generally. Not sure how that’s going to work with all the disparate US systems though.


This guy lol


And to think some people complain about mask mandates…

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I mean, it may sound funny, but Duterte has killed vast swathes of his own populace. His attitude has resulted in a five digit death toll inflicted on his own public last I checked, just because he supports vaccines doesn’t make him less of a murderous tyrant.


To be fair they were criminals. Or at least they were deemed to be criminals……by a corrupt police force. And a corrupt president.


Duterte’s remarks contradict those of his health officials, who have said that while people are being urged to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, it was voluntary.


It may be the kind of ‘voluntary’ in which people are volunteered instead of being volunteers…


Yeah but they’ll die healthy.


Yep, lots of corpses in perfect health.

Cue Necromancer comments about quality material to work with :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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So I spent my night tonight screaming on a bad thread I made on /r/nonewnormal, which I now consider worse than what /r/conservative could be just because of the t_d runover.

I think what brings me to at least a healthy portion of this despair is knowing that they’re following the same thought process I have.

Nothing is right, because it cant be right, because of money.

That’s the base level, but if you don’t actually extract anything from it then it becomes meaningless ■■■■■■■■.

Well, I mean, some people would argue differently…

Capitol is a driving democratic force, right, @MickityMike , @Sun_Tsunami

If you don’t have money, then that’s the point.

The problem with that is that you see any actual use of money (Read: doing ■■■■) is automatically bad.

And it takes so much to talk to these people back…

Like just explaining basic ■■■■■■■ health ideas…

The way that this all ends means nothing to the parties involved.

It is a race to the bottom that we all lose, without actual change.

I can scream my nothings bout “get the vaxx” or “do actual gun control” or “protect people’s right to vote” or “universal healthcare” to ■■■■■■■ anyone.

And that’s kind of why I stopped here.

No one cares.

We’re all waiting for the right domino to fall. We all know its going to happen, but we don’t know when.

When the right one falls and blue cross thinks it might make a bad profit year?

We’re all doomed.

This was my ted talk on despair, thank you all for showing up.