Political Discussion Thread II

I am not surprised in the least, coming from the Onion! Plus, there really is an element of truth to it:

Oh yes, seen that many times! Funny how you don’t have to teach kids how to be stubborn, to lie, to be selfish, to hit others - seems to all come pretty naturally.

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And bumping into Vinterbris/Kuolemenlaakso on Warframe I hear.

……is how much this looks like a new Broadway musical. Honestly, the imagination reels at the prospect.


Oh, I think it’s already out:


First thing I thought of was:
Professional protesters by day…strippers by night.


Yeah! He found me on the Warframe market and reached out to me.

Amen to that! I see it everyday….the manipulation can be astounding at times.


Had to post this again:

“Stand for nothing you’ll fall for anything”. :rofl:

Little late on this, but… Larry Elder was assaulted (attempted egging) by a crazed leftist wearing a gorilla mask?

What do you all think the media reaction would’ve been if a crazed rightist had done this to a black Democrat? :thinking:

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What I think is that it would be about the same for most channels, except perhaps Faux News and whatever it’s direct left-wingnut counterpart is.

What would actually happen is up for grabs.

The 2 party system is a cancer in the US, as many here agree, and while the NY Times might be a lefty rag this combo quiz/opinion column kind of hits that nail dead upon the head. Sorry for the paywall, but damned if it’s not worth a monthly free read (or a promptly cancelled promo sub) in my mind.

Opinion | Quiz: If America Had Six Parties, Which Would You Belong To? - The New York Times


The NYT doesn’t seem to offer any more free articles even if I use a VPN to give me a US IP.

I’m guessing they put forth a commie party, a green party, a populist party, a libertarian party?

In Canada, there’s Conservative, Liberal (the two primary parties - name’s are self-explanatory), NDP (slightly further left), Bloc Quebecois (don’t ask), PPC (populist I guess would be the closest), and Green.

The NDP has always enjoyed its role as a left wing vote splitter - recently around the 20% area of the total vote.
The Greens actually got a few seats last couple elections but really have such poor platforms and are generally disorganized since May’s departure – they’re trending down hard.

The PPC is actually gaining steam (~7%) and I’m not at all surprised given the times – to the point that the Conservatives are concerned about right wing vote splitting.

The Bloc? Well westerners (I) don’t care about them.

Unrelated - only @VaultHunter101 and @Dr_Do-Little will get the irony of this headline



I skipped the quiz and snipped their proposed parties, though when I took it they placed me near progressive, which I’m not sure I agree with because they didn’t ask about some topics I think warrant discussion.

To be honest, I find the opinion piece more compelling than the parties they suggest. It talks about the possible benefits, like decreasing legislative deadlock and shifting us from a zero sum contest to something more potentially productive, either of which would make discussions of politics less toxic for my mental health.


I think those would be beneficial for many people’s mental health, especially those of your neighbours! The huge downside is the lure of power: no-one creating a new party is getting much traction first time to the polls, and the prospect of backing a losing party seems anathema to many voters. (Although I would really like to be proved wrong on that point!)

You’d need a pretty big shift from either of the existing parties to gain any ground, but that is going to be highly contentious within said party. Well, you would think that anyway, but so far the Republicans seem to be infecting all their members with the same… thing (however you’d choose to describe it)


Yeah, this is why nihilism has such appeal these days. Fixing things is so much work, and nothing really matters anyway, so may as well just have a beer and see how high the mushroom cloud rises.

Not to be crass, but the inability of people to see past the ■■■■■■■■ and work together has me ready to watch the entire human race ■■■■ right off the nearest apocalyptic cliff. It would be one thing if there were enough people on the same page to turn it eventually, but everyone is so busy griping about the meaningless divisions imposed by the power hungry that no one is ready to accept their share of the blame.

“The world is a diorama of our most egregious failings, on display and spotlit so only the most willfully ignorant can continue unbothered.”

-Me, from the pits of existential dread courting a new found love of misanthropy, and glad I’ve got this thread muted.

Love y’all, but you definitely don’t need me chiming in any further. Keep the fire extinguishers handy, this dumpster ain’t done burning yet.


While the world is awful, giving a glance at the history books it appears as if it used to be even more awful. King et al may have been optimistic talking about the moral arc of the universe, but there’s pretty good evidence that things have at least gotten somewhat better.

Not sure what I think about those parties either though Paulo, to be fair it’s better than something I saw last night which was even weirder. Nonetheless, it doesn’t seem to map all that well if you overlay America with other such systems. Will read full article later.


I know. I am aware you don’t do the YouTube watching beyond ERB, but if you did watch this video you’d hear some great reasons why 536 should get the title.

I agree with you, BTW. Certain things have improved, but by and large it seems that humans are determined to try and make whatever goodness there is less visible.


To wit, ‘America always does the right thing, after it tries everything else.’


Didn’t know where to put this other than here since we were talking about supply chain issues.

Did you know:
Every one of those triangles is a ship carrying containers

Every one of those ships is carrying anywhere from 10,000 to 21,000 containers.



And each container weighs in the tonnes range - empty. Our shipping capability is a modern wonder, if a rarely realized one.


And yet, that isn’t the solution.

More details, obviously, but it’s possible that more medium-size container ships would help because the super-large ones tie up everything until they’re gone.

Anyway, I was wondering more about the CA recall.

Wait, what?

Ah yes. The UK actually did that as part of the compromise to pass the abolition bill. The taxpayers finally finished paying that bill off just a few years ago (because the government had to take out a massive loan to pay all the slave owners off).

Are we absolutely sure this guy is a Republican? I thought they were against throwing tax-payers’ money down the drain? Or are the descendents of the southern plantation owners all solidly in the Party?

As distasteful as I find the man, I don’t think the media did a particularly good job covering this. The drama about the supposedly tight race was honestly nonsense to a significant degree. Cherry picking and motivated reasoning may make something out of nothing, but it’s still just an appearance.

As for laughing? It was pretty much what you’d expect. Yes, Republicans underperformed most statewide non Trump recent performances, but it was still well within the expected range.

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Right. I mean it’s called Cali-were all a bunch of filthy freedom hating commies-ornia for a reason.


But seriously. Elder winning was always a pipe dream. Because in Cali, even the REPUBLICANS are dirty hippies.