Political Discussion Thread II


Took 'em long enough. The coalition agreement has 177 pages. I may have some reading to do, when I find the time. :wink:


I’ve noticed that you haven’t address the video evidence… But points for the snark, bruh.

I shall return at a later date and more thoroughly dispute your points. Gonna have to linky link this one, rather than my usual drive by on the iPhone habit of posting.


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Not sure if anyone is interested, but this encapsulates a lot of my frustration with coverage of the media on why Biden has a low approval rating lately - six months of bad news starting with the withdrawal mess, the supply chain issue, a worldwide epidemic and yet somehow the media is convinced that the problem isn’t the problem. KiSS applies to politics, and regardless of what Carville may have said lately, his most famous statement seems to have once again proven some degree of salience.


I see the debate didn’t change much here either.


Another Progressive vs. Moderate Democrat dispute that’s killing Biden’s approval rating:

“If you’d told me a year ago that the second-biggest piece of a signature bill of this Congress was $280bn in tax giveaways to millionaires, I’d have told you the Republicans were in charge,” said Jared Golden, a Democrat from Maine who was the party’s lone House member to vote against Build Back Better.

From Guardian:
Corporate Democrats who want to enrich their donors with a cap repeal are constantly reminding liberals that the cap was originally imposed by the bogeyman Donald Trump, whose motive was revenge. He wanted to punish blue-state donors that funded his opposition, and a SALT cap was the perfect way to do that.

But motives aside, the policy itself made sense: It actually limited a few giant tax breaks for the rich.

Left without a compelling argument for repealing the cap and enriching their donors, corporate Democrats have seized on the SALT cap’s Trump origin story. They are using that provenance to gin up Democratic support for the initiative by cynically weaponizing progressive voters’ hatred of the former president.

In effect, these Democrats are suggesting that the best way for liberals to get back at Trump is to pass a tax policy that provides coastal millionaires lucrative tax breaks and gives the middle class almost nothing.

The Dems are a mess with Biden at the helm.

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Ouch. Why in the world… Oh right - campaign donations, investment trusts, and family businesses. Right.

There was a very sarcastic snark in Fallout 76 along those lines when I was playing yesterday from the “Mayor of Grafton” about how his supporting the local big employer against striking workers totally wasn’t due to election campaign donations.


To anyone surprised by this, America has two parties of big business:

  • The Dems, who have some progressives, but a DNC and many participants who won’t forget who paid for their campaigns.

  • The Reps, who are even more radical pro-rich, but pose as the anti-elite little guy party (while shafting said little guy six ways to sunday)

The main differences are that the Reps are even more unashamed in their pro-money measures than the Dems and that the Rep voters (for some reason I can’t figure out) seem to really believe the sales pitch from people like McConnell or Trump.

For the last time: lower taxes for the rich do not mean more money in workers’ pockets.

The whole campaign system is basically a buy your own politician scam and of course the donors expect their money’s worth. Which is why it would have been interesting to see a president Sanders. But, as stated again and again, the Dems and their DNC were too cowardly for that…

What, no cheers? That plan sounds pretty Republican, so it should suit the conservatives. I’m rather sure that not every ‘coastal millionaire’ is a staunch Dem voter, so at least some Reds will get a payoff from that.

The ‘woke elites’ narrative is seemingly too tempting to abandon. Screaming about the cultural hot-button issues and the terrible ‘wokeness’ (?) will never get as many clicks as a sober look at what happened. :man_shrugging:

Meanwhile Murica is stuck at:
We’d like to spend some money on roads and bridges. Could you across the aisle get on board with that?


Uhm, maybe some bridges?


Okay, this is going nowhere…


“Please wear your mask when you’re indoors, in public settings around other people.” Biden said.

While in Nantucket:

And……….she’s back!

From what I can tell, the Riksdag decided that aligning themselves with the neo-Nazi Sweden Democrat party’s budget instead of Andersson’s was a bad play.
Maybe this says it all

The right wing of the Riksdag is divided. Ulf Kristersson, head of the opposition Moderate party – Sweden’s second largest – repeatedly has said that a centre-right government is not feasible because no mainstream party wants to cooperate with the third-largest party, the right-wing Sweden Democrats.

So looks like Sweden should be stable now.


Sweden’s next general election is scheduled for Sept. 11.



Not from this “no where near” billionaire. I’m no David Rubenstein. :wink:

It’s pointing out the constant tag line of wanting to soak the 1%. Another campaign promise from Joe.

As you can see, he’s losing believers monthly:

Another campaign statement:

“Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths (220,000) should not remain as President of the United States of America.”-Biden

350,000 deaths since Inauguration Day…

Sorry…Joe’s approval is ■■■■■■ !

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I usually don’t give a ■■■■ about “news” media personalities. But, wtf!

The documents released by New York Attorney General Letitia James included text messages and transcripts of interviews with investigators who led the probe into allegations against the governor.

The cache of documents included text messages between Chris Cuomo and Melissa DeRosa, a then-top aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, that suggested he was instrumental in working to craft a defense against a flood of sexual misconduct allegations.

The text messages also revealed that Chris Cuomo sought to use his connections in the press to help prepare the then-governor’s team as accusers started to make their stories public.


That’s not quite the narrative Andrew Cuomo was spinning about his contacts with his brother a month or two ago, is it?


Weird and random aside - exotic pet laws, at least in Oregon, do the opposite of protect pets. Here the combination of limits on shelters/zoos and disallowing native pets has resulted in us having an organization who is funded to murder off even indigenous pets for crimes such as being fed by humans, wandering into human areas, being orphaned, etc. It’s insane how bad the law is in this area.

Mostly was reminded of this since someone is trying to pull a long shot pushing a law on animal treatment even for farm animals, and it made me realize that despite how my state advances such a multitude of legal changes, our exotic pet law(s) are ■■■■■■■ abhorrent.


Sorry for the double post, but just found out my rep is retiring. Kind of depressed honestly, I understand why - he’s been in Congress for nearly four decades, and after being behind a decades long movement to repair our infrastructure got ignored despite being head of the relevant committee so that Senate Democrats could have a public slapfight. Even if I understand though, it’s a sad situation, not only is he one of only two members left I’m aware of who voted against the Patriot Act, but he’s been such an effective legislator that he’s repeatedly been among the top ten legislators for passing significant legislation even during years the opposite party ran the House.

If anyone is curious his seat is likely to remain Democratic given the recent redistricting, so this doesn’t really impact House balance or anything. But he’s quite likely to be replaced by yet another generic and incompetent politician (since that’s what makes up almost all members of the House).


Just watched season opener of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It was One of the best episodes.

You wondering why I’m posting this here? Got to watch to find out…:wink:

Not quite my cup of tea. Now if it was an episode of “Only Fools and Horses”… :wink:

Unrelated: A Federal Judge rules that States can’t uphold their citizens’ 1st amendment rights by violating 1st amendment rights.

The ruling seems to very effectively nuke any argument that social media platforms are ‘common carriers’, and suggests that Texas HB20 will likely be struck down in its entirety. (The current ruling was for a preliminary injunction forbidding the Texas AG from implementing the law). It certainly didn’t help the State’s case that they deliberately wrote the bill so as to not include Parler and Gab in its coverage, and torpedoed an attempt to include those companies within its scope. I think the injunction would have been granted without that, but it certainly didn’t help the State’s case any.


Just read this article from Politico and it reminded me of your post:

The sight of a Democratic president embracing Walmart would have sent shockwaves through the political ecosystem not too long ago. But times have changed since those days when Biden and others were holding out the company as a corporate force of evil. Over the past few years, Walmart has adopted internal policies that have softened its image among Democrats. It has also donated to Democratic lawmakers and their causes, right as the party was forging common ground with corporate America during the Trump years. In turn, the company has won an audience with top Democratic officials, including the president himself.

Members of the family behind the company, the Waltons, have also doled out cash to Democrats and their allies too. As recently as May, Christy Walton gave $50,000 to the anti-Trump super PAC the Lincoln Project, and in October 2020, Alice Walton gave $300,000 to Unite the Country, a pro-Biden super PAC.


Does the labor movement benefit more from tenuous and disloyal Democratic politicians than from openly hostile and vindictive Republican politicians? Sure. But what beaten-down workers really need is not a president who will smile and shake hands with both them and the boss who is beating them down. They need a president who will shake hands with them and then tell their boss, ​“■■■■ you. I’m with the union.”

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If the Dems were going to go with an old white guy, they should have gone with Bernie. At least it’s pretty obvious with him whether he’s there or not.

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