Political Discussion Thread

I think the thing I remember most about that whole thing was how Jon Stewart defended him until he was convinced it was him, because they were long time friends - I thought it was interesting just because Stewart was very upfront about their relationship, and when it was confirmed…

Holy ■■■■, he let him have it.

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Thats the key right here, everyone has a bias and trying to pretend you don’t just does everyone a disservice. Just be open about it and do your best to be objective about it.

It’s when you refuse to criticize your bias when it goes bad, like fox who has been caught so many times attacking the left and defending the right for the exact same acts.

As long as you are critical of your own bias, bias is fine. CNN tries to play the no bias but then they go overboard trying to look fair and that gives a Bias, like John Oliver so brilliantly showed with his climate change segment and many others wrote about for a long time. Being afraid of bias causes that stuff.


This is just so right. :heartpulse:

One thing I’ll note here is that I think that TV based news is fundamentally less trustworthy due to the format. If you put something in text, it’s easy to cross check it, both for the reader and the writer. Whereas on television things proceed at a decided rate, in a fixed time period, and often neither the talking head nor the viewer will have any immediate way, or inclination to check whether what’s being said is true. The lack of inclination is particularly troubling. I read an article yesterday for example on an interview done of Marsha Blackburn (a member of the subcomittee on communication and technology), while on CNN she, in rapid order, claimed SOPA was data security legislation, tried to blame it being stopped from passing for the recent DDoS, and accused ‘cyberbots’ of being the reason it was never signed into law. As a reminder, SOPA was an intellectual copyright law.

As strange as it sounds, while I still use political news aggregators, the most reliable sources of news I’ve come across so far are still the major newspapers (unless we count niche journalism, such as 538 or the Cook Political Report anyways).

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… Relevant.

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I can’t describe how much I love that.

Its the shot of him with his hair piece sliding off during the flip near the end that gets me.

Its vids like this that lets me hold on to the belief that /r/the_donald might be like, 60-70% trolls and not the 50% that I fear.

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It had to be a patriots game.

If I had to pick one thing to hate about Robert Kraft…

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I’ve had this tune in my head all gooddamn day


Its the attack on titan theme.

That ■■■■ don’t wash out.

On the plus side, you can hum it while you’re doing anything and what you’re doing feels more epic.

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Of the three debates… which one was the worst / best? I’m still trying to process them in my head.

I don’t know about best, but I’d probably give the worst to the second debate.

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Depends on the definition you have for “best”.

The third had the most policy discussion, but the second was probably the one when they were trying to stab each other the least.

Entertainment wise, the second was probably the worst, but for “holy ■■■■ he said that” moments, I gotta go with three.

I guess this fits politics as much as anything else


I haven’t the faintest clue how this could have occurred.
I’m concerned this will embolden some of these types to try something around or on Election Day

HOW THE ■■■■■■■ ■■■■?

They LITERALLY spent several weeks wandering around ready to shoot feds!

I’ll be spending some time trying to dig up details, I’ll admit to have not been following the trial at all really.

Someone will have some sort of analysis up in the morning I’d guess, but they literally have video of the crimes they were charged with being committed.

I’m confounded

It’d be hard to find out in detail most likely, but from the article it probably has something to do with what they’re being charged for and the ‘common sense’ argument. Still, they have a history of getting away with ■■■■ you really would not expect them to. I’m somewhat bemused that they came up with that charge out of what they did to be honest.

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Wait? We do?

Didn’t we just have one? I thought we had another 2 years at least.

Remember our election campaigns only last a month or so.

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… I’ve missed you.