Political Discussion Thread

Awww, that’s so [relevent emotion that’s name currently escapes me]

I’ve missed being here…

But I’m off uni for 4 months so I should be around here more.I just wish GBX would do something I’m interested in, I havnt really been in any section execept off-topic since the first battleborn beta.

I’d like to start posting in Bl1 item of the day thread again though. It’s been too long.

Getting off topic here…

Something, something politics. If the universe had a magical undo button I’d love to see what a Trump presidency would look like. But since you’d never be able to reverse it, it’s best left to imagination.

Locally I havnt been keeping up with politics much. It’s sh*t, and nothing but pointless bickering that’s stopping stuff EVERYONE wants from happening.

The gay marriage thing has been a disaster. The plebiscite was a horrible idea and a waste of $100mil, not to mention the idea of a state-funded “No” advertising campaign. But I feel we should have just accepted it, because now it got thrown out Marridge Equality is back to the drawing board and who knows how long until they do anything about it again. The majority of Australians want it, the majority of politions want it (even the conservitive party in power) but they won’t work with eachother to do something they both want.

Labour shut down Plebisite and wanted it to just be voted in parliament, but Liberals (the conservitive party, confusingly enough) refused to that. Theb they both blame the other party for being the people holding it back.

The first reply I ever got from you on these forums was very upsetting. This one is too, but I hope it won’t be the last and that we can have better conversations here in the future.


I understand people feel passionately about politics, I do too. The current US election is testament to how different opinions can be expressed in ways that cause real division and harm. It’s always great when opposing perspectives can be discussed reasonably though, and this thread (and the forum in general) brims over with such discussion - so thank you guys. :slight_smile:

Is this real, @Arsonist? Because I just clicked on it and the photo of Trump looks incredibly and hilariously evil. I thought it must be a spoof. But the posts seem genuinely Trumpish… (Still trying to figure reddit out)

Hattie, I don’t know what to tell you.

I’m going to start by saying you have me sitting in my shittiest chair to type this response because a) I’m drunk and b) I feel people need perspective.

/r/The_Donald is a very real place. Your bet is as good as mine when gauging how many people are just there for “lulz” and how many are real.

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“No Dissenters or SJWs.” Yep, sounds legit Trump :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s some overlap with /r/politics, and from what people have said there they ban posters even for mentioning anything that might imply criticism of Trump. I’d honestly pretty much ignore the place, since whether it’s real or fake, they’re going to behave pretty much the same.

Anyways, as for me I’m actually trying to minimize how much time I spend checking political news lately, since I know I won’t see the results of that Comey mess till later this week, and I don’t need the stress.

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Yes, you remind me of Vonnegut in Mother Night: “We are who we pretend to be, so we must be careful who we pretend to be.” Not irrelevant to online behaviour…

I understand your desire to escape it. Politics is toxic right now.

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Tem, they say that because all the trump posts in /r/politics either come from ■■■■■■■ conspiracy youtube vids or brietbart.

Which is basically an /r/conspiracy vid brought forth by dark words at this point.

Good quote. That said, it’s not so much the toxicity that I’m avoiding it for (not that it isn’t unpleasant), as that no matter how much I obsess right now it will not speed me getting the information. Nothing I can do except wait.

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Well, as if to be fair, all the trump russian stuff came out.

So lets all just be ready to drink on election day.[quote=“Tokesy97, post:325, topic:1199216”]
In closing, my advice for a thread like this, stand up, get a drink and have a walk about to think on replies - something I’ve done many times to prevent pressing enter or reply on a post which I know would have done little more than come back to bite me.

At the sake of saying it, sober and with a clear head, I’d actually like to advocate a “relaxing” of the forum rules for this particular thread.

I won’t say it would be necessary for the post that was removed, but you can expect a certain level of heat when discussing politics, and as you mention, for the most part are able to get through it. I… words aren’t there for the post that isn’t there anymore (boom, wordplay) but in a lot of those instances, I’d honestly like the opportunity to respond when someone makes certain claims, if for no other reason than as I’ve stated before, I’m more open here than I am on my facebook feeds.

As long as those are presented… somewhat sanely, even when dealing with clear underlying biases, it’s worth talking about if for no reason than to work through those and get somewhere right.

That being said, personal attacks are personal attacks, and ■■■■ all that noise.


What’s all this?

Re this thread, of course opinions and starting points will be different. But bullying and derogatory attacks are beneath everyone on this forum, and help nobody become more politically aware (as this thread has made me). All this is by the by though as I don’t think it will happen again. :slight_smile:

The FBI has been investigating Trump for ties to the Russians, so far no results from that though. Ars is probably referring to either the leaks involving that case, or one of the articles involving an investigator who’d been looking into it privately before the FBI requested his documents on the matter. That said, given the lack of official information it’s very much everyday campaign stuff that I doubt will move the needle right now.

On a side note, I’ve now got a new thing to be nervous about, since at this point the FBI itself is becoming overtly political, and almost as bad, being viewed that way. The damage done to our national instititions is not going to be healing quickly after this.


If it helps, my area has always seen the FBI as somewhat political, although our reasoning isn’t great.

“Them got-damned fed’rals comin’ back to mah goddahm holler to take my goddahm shine still.”

Translated from hick-

“Those explitive deleted federal workers are coming to my general area of residence to steal my equipment for producing illegal alchohol.”

We… we don’t have a strong history there, is what I’m saying.

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Perhaps I should have said power hungry, I’m worried more about a situation reverting towards the Hoover days, when the FBI was… Well, doing this. Actively controlling federal politics, and acting as a sort of secret police. Yeah though, don’t get me wrong I’ll certainly admit my personal feelings on the matter of law enforcement officers who I’m unfamiliar with tends to be wariness shading towards outright fear.

Well, not to scare the ■■■■ out of you, but hey. Um… yeah.

Polls appear to be moving in Trump’s favour to make this a close race… I just despair.

Jesus ■■■■ me.

With NC and FLA swinging that much, this is going to be a lot closer.

Or not.

God only ■■■■■■■ knows with this nonsense.


This went from being pure comedy for me a year ago…Now the reality of it is setting in…

This whole thing is clownshoes.

Honestly not sure what I think of that, I’ve argued to a couple people that I expect violence this election (albeit at this point I’m already right), I’m vastly more skeptical of civil war though. Maybe if Trump got elected and actually did some of the crazier things he’s threatened. They’ve got a point about the breakdown of trust though.

The frightening part is that states tend to move in concerted groups, and since those are the only major swing states which we’re getting so many high quality polls in we may be missing movement in other states.

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