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Think I’ve been screaming a version of this same thing for almost a decade now. Plus this:

A sane Afghan policy would have consisted of kicking in the door, killing a bunch of bad guys, and then skedaddling until and unless we have to do it again. Eventually, the Afghans would figure out this terrorist-harboring stuff doesn’t pay. What has paid for their elites, quite handsomely, is our perennial occupation.

And let’s take this thought a step further.

Inexpensive automatic weapons and copious explosives have become the great democratizer of industrial-level violence. What I mean by that is this: 21st Century tech still gives us the decisive and rapid edge at toppling foreign governments, as we saw in both Afghanistan and Iraq, but easy access to 20th Century small arms makes it nearly impossible to conquer foreign peoples. That’s a huge distinction, and one seemingly lost on the Pentagon, the White House, and our endlessly chattering class.

Why? Why, for the love of God, are we still ■■■■■■■ around in Afghanistan? Guess what, kids - IT AIN’T WORKING. Whatever the hell it is we think we’re doing, or are trying to do, it’s not. ■■■■■■■. Working.

It is, however, getting a lot of Americans and scores of Afghans killed. For what? What good are we doing there? Sometimes, some people, just need to be left to their own devices. This seems like one of those times, and these seem like some of those people.

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It’s the foreign equivalent of the military industrial complex. I’d actually go so far as to argue that our presence and the bizarre rules of engagement we work under there are actually making things worse. Basically we’re producing terrorists by doing just enough to unite them against us.

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You guys just figured that ?
There’s still hope.

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Guys, I don’t even know what to say anymore. I saw this coming

The worst part is that’s not even the earliest that I saw something like this coming.

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Not much of a fan of either Coulter or the YT, so if you could let me know what the gist is, that’d be super awesome. Lemme guess: Skeletor said something both blatantly racist and criminally insane, and then the YT were really obnoxious and then claimed that everyone who is not pro-open borders must therefore agree with the She Devil?

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Pretty much. Can’t stand this guy. And if you didn’t like him to start with. That clip would only make you feel worse.

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Well, this was a particularly notable Mueller Friday. Probably the biggest thing here is not even the sentencing memorandum in general, but specifically the section noting Trump’s direction.

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Not sure who Skeletor is, but skipping ahead:

At 4:24, AC says:

“…you can’t shoot Americans, you can shoot invaders.”

She then suggests advancing into Mexico to stop them...

She’s supposedly talking about defending the country, but invasion is an offensive action. She’s talking invading to prevent an invasion…that ceases to be a defensive action and becomes a preemptive offensive action.

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Skeletor = Coulter. Ya know, cuz she’s super skinny and super evil?

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Speaking as a man who dabbles in antagonist politics, that’s racist against skeletons and skeletor has a big beautiful buff body. I can’t sit idly by while you undead shame him.

If anything, this is on coulter for not eating a big mac every now and again.

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I believe shame is a very strong societal motivator, and it’s to our lasting detriment that we try and shame the shamers.

Personally, this country will only be better off by the frequent and public shaming of political gadflies like Skeletor and the YT.

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Interesting argument, I do think you have something of a point, but I’d point out that there’s a difference depending on who is shaming who and for what. The public shaming politicians for bad behavior? Absolutely. The inverse? Not so much. Similarly speaking, if anything we have a cultural problem with disapproval of other peoples personal choices. It isn’t your business what your neighbor does for fun unless it hurts someone else.

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I agree completely - UNLESS what my neighbor is doing is ■■■■■■■ weird. In which case he or she shall be shamed without mercy!

At first I was being all Jokey McJokerson, but I can’t help but make almost everything political. To that end… I’d argue that while yes, you’re correct in your analysis of our culture, to me the much bigger problem is that we tend to make what your neighbor does a LEGAL problem as well as a cultural one.

I think it’s one thing to point and laugh and shame people for dumb ■■■■ that they do, but it’s quite another to see a dude smoking pot in the privacy of his own home and then bust down his front door, shoot his dog, and then arrest that guy for weed or whatever other weird ■■■■ he was doing.

So yes, I would like a smaller government. One that is too small to care about what people do, be it smoking pot, banging hookers, or whatever. What do I care about these things?

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The hell?!

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Don’t think it doesn’t happen, Raven, cause it happens all the time.

Pro-tip: don’t watch the video if you like dogs. Conversely, if you love vids of cops breaking into homes and shooting dogs in front of the owners and their 7-year-old son, then watch the ■■■■ out of it.

(This has escalated quickly.)

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Against my better judgement I attempted to watch the vid - I can’t watch it because it’s not available where I am (Canada), so I guess the decision was made for me.

Still though, unbelievable.

As a side note, with Canada’s decriminalization of marijuana I’ve not seen a single change in any behaviour. Maybe it’s because I’m on the west coast and pot culture is completely entrenched anyways ; maybe easterners are going crazy with it. Regardless, no doors are getting booted in.

In other news :

I guess this is another one of those “I’ll believe it when I see it” headlines.

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Québec? You’re kidding right? :joy:
Well. We did had line-ups the opening day and quickly depleted the affordable stuff reserve but beside that.
Business as usual.

btw. You’re either west coast or from that city we love to hate. Make your mind! :wink:

-edit- Or from that up north one where the nights are long… In that case I understand.

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Victoria - everyone loves us :blush:

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I think I had you mixed up with the other popular Canadian. @VaultHunter101

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Yeah, it’s the annual Angels’ fashion show. Oh wait, not that Victoria… My bad! :stuck_out_tongue: