Political Discussion Thread

Thanks! But if I’m being honest, I think my argument was fairly low-effort. I haven’t been really giving it my all lately.

When people ask my opinion of what I think is wrong with American politics today (no one ever asks me this because most of my friends are either staunch liberals or conservatives, and tire of my libertarian rants), I’m going to keep it ■■■■■■■ pithy and say, “Branding beats performance, bruh.”

Because it’s true, Temet. It’s true.

Thanks, buddy! I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but often I try and keep it full of smartassery 'round here.

I kinda agree with you. Also, full disclosure, more and more I kinda don’t give much of a ■■■■ who wins as whether it’s Biden or Trump, I can find things to be outraged about with both. Yes, I’m sure the eyeballs of most of you in this lovely forum are now popping out of your ■■■■■■■ heads at this statement, but Jesus H. Christ they all suck so bad. Arguing about who sucks more donkey dick at this point is, to me, an exercise in ■■■■■■■ annoyance. Color me cynical.


Reply to myself because I’m kind of an ahole.

If there were a candidate who was against piling on more unsustainable debt and who was against forever-wars, I’d vote for him or her in a damn heartbeat. I wouldn’t care too much about the other issues, as those are the biggies for me. Why? Well, because those are the two issues that will eventually destroy the country. And no, not being dramatic, I really think our debt and constant war will soon bring this bitch down.

Maybe Tulsi? Yeah, I’ll probably write her name in.

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I don’t think this is really the case. Most of the people that gave him the win didn’t care about the really substantial issues in the first place. I’m not saying its untrue, just that I doubt his base cares about what he does or how it impacts the world, just that he is the embodiment of “America, ■■■■ YEAH!!!”. I think there are a lot of cogent points being made, whether or not I agree with plans, I just think that he didn’t win by making good arguments, he won by appealing to the basest instincts of easily led (or misled) people.

I have, and I appreciate it. It’s why this is my primary source of political news/information. (That and following the links provided by the good folks around here.)


I suspect that a lot - if not all of it - of polling undercounts Trump support. I think there’s plenty of very normal people who look at the Democrats with a “meh,” and then look at Trump and say, “O sweet Jesus this ■■■■■■■ guy…” But, the Democrats are just so ■■■■■■■ meh they view Trump as less bad. But they also realize he’s a YUGE ■■■■■■■, so they don’t want to admit their grudging support.

EDIT: It’s the economy, stupid. So unless there’s an economic meltdown or war with Iran, I think he wins. And not just wins, I think he wins by a lot. Save this post so you can all lambaste my horrible prediction skills this November.


I’m not so much talking about the issues here as things like the generic ballot and approval rating. Regardless of why, the electorate isn’t showing enough support for him to clinch a win. That said, I will admit here that I tend to think people, and particularly pundits tend to get too certain about such things in general. Trying to judge exactly what will happen in a race still nearly a year out, without clear participants, or a clear situation, is like trying to guess at the results of a pseudo random number generator.

As for Mike’s point here, the polls were surprising accurate nationally in '16, though there were some problems with state level polling in certain states. Still the idea was overwrought even then, given the areas they were wrong were not exactly shy Trump voters.

I’ll give you the economy part though Mike, people do tend to underestimate that. But the economy is what hovering around 2%? To be fair, views of it vary heavily by party, but I’m not sure it’s in the kind of place that’s likely to benefit Trump.

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To be clear, I really want to be wrong. But I wanted to be wrong when I predicted his win in 2016 (before I ever set keyboard in this thread), and I wasn’t. Then it came down to me thinking “it’s the worse scenario, of course that’s what’s gonna happen.” Now it’s more about assuming the worst (in terms of voting habits, not making value judgments about people) about the populations in states that matter come national election time. He appealed to desperate people who felt the status quo wasn’t looking out for them, and I don’t think that has changed. At least not enough to matter. I’ll cast my vote the way my conscience dictates, but 1 vote against in a state he couldn’t dream of carrying won’t make a difference.


All I’ve got is advice against brooding then, but I suspect that was obvious from my earlier post. Still, no point in borrowing trouble. Too much misery as it is.


Very true, and I’m trying not to. I only think about this when I’m here. I mostly spend my time reading (fiction), gaming, and doing dad stuff (did I mention I’m having ankle biter the sequel in April? And Vasectomy: The Final Solution [hopefully] shortly thereafter.). I pop in here every so often so I can see what the reasonable folk think about the dumpster fire known as politics. I miss you guys (mostly Mickity, I see you elsewhere Temet) when I keep this thread muted too long, that’s why I’m back. Purely for the camaraderie.


My advice is not to let the bastards get you down. Be more of a happy political warrior (poet). I mean, my preferred candidates almost NEVER win, but lookit your boy Mickity - FULL OF CYNICAL OPTIMISM OVER THE COMING COLLAPSE OF THE REPUBLIC.

Where else do you people hang? Is there a really awesome PUBG thread y’all post in or something?


Outside of here I mostly post in the RTT (Random Talk Thread). Yeah though, I hear you on the lack of candidates that you actually want to vote for. The old joke that repeats every four years that.


Here :point_down:

And pictures. For the memeage.

I don’t even know what that means. I think I may be too old for that one. (I do, but I don’t get down with that so wouldn’t even know if there was one.) :wink:


See, I just don’t think this is true at all, but it’s certainly the mindset that the dem leaders have. I think they’re really underestimating how much Bernie talks to populist voters in the same way that Trump did, except he’s not, you know…a crazy person. I’m sure they’ll lose some of the boomer vote cause “OH GOD SOCIALISM”, but I honestly think Bernie takes back a lot of dem zones that Trump took over in 2016.

There’s actually quite a few roadmaps. They all involve heavily targeting states that the dems lost and swing states, but honestly I think either Biden or Bernie has a solid shot at it.

The only one I’m worried about is Warren, who’ve I’ve yelled a thousand times here “please god don’t run her”.

Animal penises are more defining than donkey dick. Just the whole world of animals.

I change the kind of penis to a more general animal dicking to point out that duck penises are designed to drill through flesh into their mate so they can ■■■■ the semen into them. They are barbed and scary.

My point is, even when we go down this road, some dicks are just better on the throat than others.

A lot better.

BTW, is Tulsi the same politician who was handing people their ■■■■ not to far back? Seems like there were some Stewart era Daily Show bits where there was a solid ex-military congresswoman handing people their ■■■■, and I thought it might be her.

Regardless, I’ve really gotten assed with her lately. I thought all the ■■■■ leading up to her dropping out was unfounded, but she’s really done nothing but be insane lately. Word on the street is she’s angling for a fox news anchor spot.

This is the biggest reason I think dem leadership is ■■■■■■■ up by ignoring bernie- I really think he can hit the same groups better, and maybe do more for them, depending on the senate/house we get afterwards.

Here or on discord. And at my local nerd shop.

Drinking helps!

I’m usually alone, but online. I have this thing right now where if I want to feel accomplished, I’ll do BL3 and hit weird tasks, but if I really want to take frustrations out I play Xenoverse 2 where I’m a blue armored space hilter.


Meanwhile, on the southern border…

Someone really wants to ensure reelection, it seems. It may be that the US has other fields where that money would be spent well, but that’s none of my business…

Anyway, however long the wall be, China already has a longer… uhm, wall.

But I’d take a bet that sooner or later trust-fund Donny will brag about building the ‘biggest wall ever’.


I’m having a bit of time parsing this one out

“Government resigns” in any normal country means they’ve either lost confidence in their leader or they’ve admitted their incompetence and they’re ousting themselves.

This is Putin’s Russia however and nothing is ever clear.

The surprise announcement came after Putin proposed constitutional amendments that would transfer some powers from the office of the presidency to the prime minister and parliament.

In his statement, [Prime Minister] Medvedev indicated that the government was resigning to clear the way for Putin’s proposed reforms.

So all the sudden Putin is having a change of heart and thinks Russia should be more democratically responsible and transparent?

Or is he paving the way for more power so he can install a government that’ll be more in line with his vision. “Hey ministers, fall on your swords and I’ll make it worth your while.”

For once I’m actually not going to take the cynical road since it seems unlikely but this is extremely weird.


It’s cool.

Had me all the way - then I read this part. Perhaps you mean that he’s not crazy contrasted with other potential candidates? But I’m definitely feeling the Bern, just not in the good commie way. Because he’s a filthy OMG communist.

Agree with this a lot. She’s just not very likable. And sadly, that’s kind of a yuge part of it. But… is Trump likable? Do his voters even like him? I don’t mean the 30 percent of the electorate who will always back him, I mean the other 20 or so percent he needs to win. Cause surely those people realize he’s an ■■■■■■■, yet they still voted for him because Hillary.

Hadn’t heard that. Did hear that Hillary called her a Russian agent, which is ya know, ■■■■■■■ special. What a ■■■■ that Hillary is. (ZOMG THE C-WORD.)

I dislike all the commie stuff from Bernie, but you’re absolutely right that he hits all the same populist points as Trump. He’s just Trump in commie form. But honestly, that should scare us away from him. We need fewer demagogues, not more.

I don’t even know what to say about this.


I find my self extremely dubious that this is about democracy. Especially after the shenanigans when Putin last hit his two-term presidency limit.

Also this:


I’ve read a lot of funny crap today but this is right up near the top

“This act of violence against Anadolu not only shows the Egyptian leadership’s hostile stance toward the freedom of the press, but also once again shows its grave conditions on democracy and transparency,” the ministry said.

Yes. That’s Turkey’s foreign minister talking.


Back to Putin. This was also pretty funny :

In the final act last night, Putin appointed a little known bureaucrat, tax commissioner Mikhail Mishustin, as the new PM, a position that confirmed by Russia’s parliament today. Western reporters have noted that Mishustin was so obscure, he didn’t even have his own Wikipedia entry before yesterday’s surprise appointment.

Yes indeed sir. This is how you are measured : on your Wikipedia status. Are you even on LinkedIn??


“American partisans have developed a worrisome enthusiasm for accusing their political rivals of criminal behavior.”


Which is a rhetoric reminder that things are going downhill. As is questioning the legitimacy of the other party’s candidate (remember the ‘Obama is not an American’ blabbering?).

At some point around the 70s, the stance concerning political opponents changed from treating them as rivals but fellow Americans to regarding them as enemies. Maybe someone remembers Newt Gingrich who was a prime example for that new ‘style’.

And off it went, while agreeing with a rival on an issue may have been acceptable, agreeing with the ‘enemy’ was something akin to treason and got one a trashing by Rush Limbaugh. Not to mention that the ‘enemy’ of course wanted America’s downfall and losing would be near apocalyptic. I mean even Senators die the ‘Obama is a closet Muslim, a foreigner and wants America as we know it to end’-dance, so go figure.

Winning at all costs is the order of the day. Want another nice one?
The supreme court usually was manned with the judges the president suggested, as long as they were capable. When blocking Merrick Garland from supreme court (a quite capable but obviously not suffienctly conservative judge) the Senate, led by Mitch McConnell, didn’t even consider the suggestion and thereby shirked its duties as stated in the constitution. But, oh well, winning needed a conservative judge. Enter Neil Gorsuch after a long period of leaving the seat open. Who needs a constitution, when the enemy has to be vanquished?

And before Sun sends me videos, the Dems aren’t any better, but the Reps give me the more blatant examples. Honestly, Gingrich was Ebenezer Scrooge after a visit from the ghost of political will to power…

Another example for things going down the drain: a classic behaviour of autocrats everywhere is to silence, threaten or, if those weapons aren’t in your arsenal yet, malign, denigrate and decry the press.

Those citizens out there are to believe the voice of the head of state and not that of some journalists. Truth is overrated anyway, especially if one has alternative facts. Sound familiar?

But to get back to the start, the moment one starts to view and present any political rival as a criminal and any other parties as an apocalyptical threat to America is the moment where one obviously has lost any understanding of a democracy. And that person being pushed by a party of yaysayers that follow their leader right or wrong is not a good omen.

Sorry for going into full rant-mode