Poll: a second season pass

Considering the quality of the main DLC packs so far, I would actually be tempted to get another season pass if they produced it with some good ideas (possibly a new VH…). I’d also hope that by then the game will be functioning roughly as it was intended — well… one can hope — so we would be playing those new DLCs with a good Borderlands experience.

If they got the game into a good place and produced a new season pass with 4 new, fresh story DLCs, would you be interested? Would you buy it?

  • I would buy a second season pass.
  • No way!
  • I’d need some convincing, but if the ideas were good…
  • Forget that. Borderlands 4!

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And be locked in again to this games as a service, no fun allowed, constant PvP balance patching in a non-competitive PvE game? Hard pass until the devs get it together and fix the game. Instead of nerfing everything they should be buffing gear to match. If we are the only players in our game session why should we care that some streamer thought a weapon was too strong for him? Who are these “pro” players deciding what is and isn’t okay in a casual game made for fun? Who are the devs basing their “balance” on?

It would take some mighty hard convincing for me. I want to support the devs, I really do, but when they keep doing the opposite of what players want its a consistent slap in the face and they act surprised when no one likes what they told them not to do. Just my opinion though .


HAHAHA 56% right of the bat

I feel you. I’m kind of hoping that they sort out a lot of the current difficulties so the hypothetical season pass would be in that universe where they accomplish that.

Well, kind of. I put in two positive and two negative options so that the range of opinions could expressed without unfairly skewing the results.

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Considering the past months, it seems like the game has shown symptoms of CoVID-19 and needs a miracle drug to fix.


considering it looks like most of the player base has gone back to playing borderlands 2, chances of BL3 even surviving for 2 years are slim to none at this rate. will take them over a year to get close to fixing the bugs and other issues they have already.


Hopefully they will stick around long enough to get it into a good condition and then history may be kind to it.

Only thing that would get me to invest further into this game would be heavy QoL improvements and more immersive DLC. Don’t get me wrong, the DLC so far has been a huge improvement to the game. However it falls really flat compared to BL2 paid DLC in my opinion.

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What would count as more immersive to you? I’ve really enjoyed both pieces so far so I’d be interested to hear what you’re thinking.

Dude, that is what my PS4 friends list looks like :rofl:


Immersive might not have been the best word lol

I just haven’t felt the fun factor with the first 2 DLC’s in this game. They have had their moments, but nothing yet to compare to Campaign of Carnage or Dragon Keep.

Not to mention the unique mission rewards from DLC in BL2 were top notch for the most part. Especially in Scarlet’s Booty, I mean we had the Pimpernel and Sandhawk in one DLC.

GL&T had some pretty nice mission rewards, but with the state of M2.0, not getting scaled versions really sucks.


Yeah, I can’t wait for a scaled Seventh Sense. That was a mainstay for my Zane before M2.0 dropped. Hopefully their plans with Earl’s machine in phase 2 will solve the problem with having some of the best guns as quest rewards.