Poll about Mysterious Amulet

So, anyone that has read my recent posts could probably tell I was recently disappointed to find that the 4 player glitch had been nerfed.

I suggested maybe making the Mysterious Amulet add players. I figure it would Add difficulty and challenge to those running maxed characters, and allow us soloists to farm things like Vermi and OOO which is otherwise really F**cking annoying. This way it is a CHOICE to make the game harder.

This way, unlike the glitch, it wouldn’t be accidentally activated causing problems with newbs or others who don’t know about the glitch. It also fits into the +X Friendship theme of the amulet.

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care either way

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It will be activated accidentally by every single player who gets the amulet when they take it for a spin, especially during the first few months after it’s patched in. Some will read about the change or find out what’s up, many others will encounter one chump enemy after equipping it, get killed by it a couple of times before they can deal with it and complain that the game is broken.
I’m sure my friends wouldn’t be happy - we sometimes equip the amulet for the graphical effects, not to get hit by enemies scaled to ~20-player difficulty (3 players + 3 amulets with at least +5 friendship) instead of our usual 3-player difficulty. Besides, harder enemies would be the opposite of what I’d expect from a friendship bonus.
That’s why I’m voting No.

If it’s for Vermivorous and Omnd-Omnd-Ohk, check the list of hotfixes: varkid evolution rates have been rebalanced, making Vermivorous much easier to spawn solo. All that’s needed is a similar treatment for Omnd-Omnd-Ohk.

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I think you could address that at least in part by changing the card text so that it describes the new effect. Not sure I’m too fussed either way - playing solo at 4-player difficulty isn’t really my thing, so I wouldn’t use it.

Not enough. It is still nearly impossible to spawn solo, even with a mule. I wasted 2 hours trying to spawn Vermi. I don’t want to waste that much time.

I voted yes because, in my opinion, more choice is always better but I strongly doubt there will be any change because

1.I think the time for bl2 to receive patches has ended;
2.This kind of options are not healthy for an enviroment that should focus on taking people togheter, not apart: if you allow people to gain the same benefits of a full party while playing alone, a lot of players would stop looking for a group.

Anyway, I’ve been looking for triple O lately and the other day he spawned twice in a hour and a half after eight hours of him not showing once :unamused:.

Happened just now

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It still leaves it open for abuse though. And co-op experiences aren’t great already since people stil happily bring in non-legit items that ruin the fun. This would be just the icing on the cake.

It wouldn’t be too bad if the functionality was only on during local play.

Anyways, case in point. I just spent 4 HOURS trying just to spawn Vermi. I got 6 Ultimates (one that randomly disappeared. I was looking right at it and it blinked out of existance!) but not a single Vermi (and only 1 tubby)!

Solo players get shafted…HARD! Unless you are willing to put up with the jackassery of online players, you get screwed.

I can’t immagine implications of a changement like that so I’m unable to discuss it.

I look at this from another perspective: you know the rules - if you play solo chances are lower - so you have to decide; you either go the solo route and put up with lower chances thus longer times or you play in a group to maximize the efficiency but risking to have to deal with “crazy” people.
By this I mean that it is totally your choice, nobody (but you) is forcing you into neither.

Actually, there’s a middle ground but it only works if you’re not antisocial like me: play with your friends :sunglasses:

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The chances for solo are abysmal. The above 4 hours was 2 player, my mule and I. It should be even accross the board.

I used to have friends that played, they moved on to other games or switched schedules.

I say breakthrough the solo runs, make some friends, and spawn a raid boss together. I play on 360 and be happy to go for ooo/vermi spawn runs with you. for the mysterious amulet, i think it does nothing like the secret blue gem in the diablo 2 bnet lobby when you click on it, it turns purple and will say gem activated/deactivated which did nothing but have a point of reference if you afk’d in the chat lobby.

Got 2 friends who want to spend hours boringly trying to spawn Vermi?

I have 5 locations in Caustic Caverns that are pretty easy.

While playing today I got to thinking about it.

If the amulet isn’t a good idea (lets face it, you’d lose your relic slot). Maybe a Claptrap quest, like the secret stash, that reveals a bank of switches that lets you increase the player count.

A “player difficulty” slider in all versions would probably be easier to implement, as long as there’s room in one of the game options screens.

I could live with that. Anything at all.

I like that they improved the spawn chances (OP you have had bad luck, I’ve had a couple of solo spawns) but I also like that there’s more chance with more people. It encourages / rewards coop and makes group experience different. Most online players of Borderlands are pretty fun - it has a good community - and I’ve really improved through reaching out to peeps, so having to coop doesn’t pain me. Also, even though I can see why people like the challenge of doing raids solo, they really are best when fought in a team. Soloing Vermi is yawn-inducing, he has so much health. But, I’m not keen on farming simulators, so fighting him doesn’t bother me too much. It’s just something fun to do at endgame with buddies, or something hilarious that happens accidentally when 4 of you are going about your business.

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I would replace Dexidious with Vermivorous but otherwise I agree with your statement…

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I think the reason they did without it in the other games is because it would make having different modes seem silly. It wouldn’t be umvh if you could play it on easy. Well that’s how I feel anyways.

I’m talking about making UVHM harder.

I feel it would still make things more complicated